Friday, 31 August 2007

10th anniversary of Princess Diana death

Prince Harry has told a service to mark the 10th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, that she was "the best mother in the world". Family and friends joined Princes William and Harry for the service at Guards' Chapel near Buckingham Palace.

Harry told the congregation, which included the Queen, Prince Philip and Prince Charles: "She made us and so many other people happy." The Bishop of London said it was now time to "let Diana rest in peace".

Harry, who was 12 when his mother was killed, said her death was "indescribably shocking and sad", and changed his life and that of his brother forever. He added: "When she was alive we completely took for granted her unrivalled love of life, laughter, fun and folly".

The Royal Family were cheered as they arrived at the chapel. "We both think of her every day. We speak about her and laugh together at all the memories." Prince William, who was 15 when Diana died, gave a reading from St Paul's letter to the Ephesians which asked for inner strength.

Admirers of the late princess have tied flowers and cards to the gates of Kensington Palace - her former London residence - as they did in 1997 after her death. Members of the public have also left bouquets and gifts outside Althorp, where Diana is buried, at the gate of Sandringham estate in Norfolk, where she was born, and near the Eternal Flame monument by the tunnel in Paris where she was killed.

Princess Diana died, aged 36, along with her companion Dodi Al Fayed, 42, and chauffeur Henri Paul, when the Mercedes they were in crashed in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel on 31 August 1997.

The princess's death provoked an unprecedented outpouring of national grief, with hundreds of thousands gathering to mourn outside Kensington Palace, where they left a sea of floral tributes. Thousands more later lined the route of her funeral procession.

Source : BBC News

Malaysia 50th Merdeka

Happy Birthday Malaysia. Today we celebrate our 50th year of independence – MERDEKA! Regrettably me & family n others who stay abroad will not be able to celebrate this year’s golden anniversary of Merdeka at our homeland. But being Malaysian, the 31st August will always be the memorable day in our life.

It was on 31st August 1957 when history was made as the Union Jack was lowered and the Malaysian flag hoisted, with the first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj leading the people in the famous shouts of Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! (Independence!)

Malaysia has come a long way to come to where she is now - a modern nation full of vibrant and colourful culture and people. From a nation that depends so much on agriculture to a developing country full of promise in many areas of the economy, I’m proud of Malaysia’s achievements over the years.

Saya anak Malaysia. I love my country n proud of it. Even though I won’t be able to join the parade, watch the fireworks or free concerts.. I still do have the Merdeka spirits.

p/s: 12.00pm Malaysian time last nite, we were having dinner - Khabooli chicken briyani..

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Reasons why Malaysians love their Independence

  1. We get an extra public holiday.
  2. It actually means something now when we say “I am willing to die for my country”.
  3. Merdeka Sale!
  4. Oooo, fireworks… cantiknya.
  5. We can no longer recite the Rukunegara but as long as we can sing along to Merdeka songs by Sudirman.
  6. Malaysia Boleh. We have our very own Malaysian Book of Records to prove it!
  7. We were the first country to achieve a peaceful independence by holdings talks with the British.
  8. Merdeka means balik kampung with only half volume of cars on the highways (the other half are headed towards shopping mall).
  9. It’s a day all the different races of Malaysia can really celebrate as one.
  10. We speak, read and write good English and it’s only our second language!
  11. We’re bangsa Malaysia and not just Malays, Chinese or Indians that gets the day off for Eid, Chinese New Year and Diwali.
  12. We stick mini Malaysian flags on our cars, motorbikes or bicycles for a whole month and no one dare say it looks silly.
  13. It’s the best excuse of the year to party, get hangover the next day and call it patriotism.
  14. Merdeka day means traffic jam lah! Excuse not wanting to leave the house.
  15. Another reason sends multiple sms to wish “Happy Merdeka” making everyone (especially telcos) happy.

Source: Going Places

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Once a Malaysian, always a Malaysian

I am so proud to be Malaysian. Proud of my country n who I am. I had been to several places around the world. When I introduced myself as Malaysian, peoples look up high on me. It’s not the way how I dress or talk, it is because I am from Malaysia! They praise n respect our leader, Tun Mahathir. How he had build the nation n country to be as what it is now.

I had encountered a few incidents where some other nationalities don’t feel like they belong to their country. They don’t even like n proud of their country. I feel sorry for them. I feel sorry too n ashamed for those Malaysians who go against our country. It’s like you are not grateful n thankful of what u have achieved n got in your life.

We may be a Third World country but we have First World facilities – the ERL, F1 race circuit, KLIA, excellent hotels n award-winning malls. Believe me.. these middle east people are dying n love to have their holiday in Malaysia.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Dato' Siti n Dato' K wedding anniversary

They have succeeded to go thru one year of their marriage. This is their first anniversary. They had a very lavish n extravaganza party celebration. The hotel, food n invitations are as good as their wedding ceremony. Well.. they do have money. They have to prove to the world that they indeed a happy n loving couple.

I cannot wait n imagine how their 2nd anniversary will looks like….

p/s: Dato K.. you still never change. Sebiji macam hero filem tamil.

Happy Birthday to my dearest husband

I reminisce about our life together
by cherishing our hopes and dreams
devoted hearts, holding hands
and sharing a warm embrace
are all of the wonderful things
that bring a smile to my face.

Thank you for making a moment
captured in time into a loving memory
that is just yours and mine.

You are the one I hold dearest to my heart.
I will love you forever!

Happy Birthday my love...

Monday, 27 August 2007

I'm back

I am back to my home in Oman. We arrived quite late last nite due to the delayed at Abu Dhabi. It was so good to back to my house. My bed.. my kitchen.. Ohh.. I miss them so much. My kids were so excited n overjoyed. The next morning when they woke up, the first thing is they wandered around the house, played with their toys.

As for myself.. my routine has started. Busy unpacking things, cleaning n cooking. What a day… Though it was tiring but I am glad to be back home. No matter where you go, there’s no place like home.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Bukit Gantang horror crash

The country’s worst road accident which claimed 20 lives and 9 critically injured.

My dad was at Johor Bharu attending relatives wedding last weekend. He wanted to go back to Alor Setar by bus on 12th August. But somehow changed his mind n took bus to KL instead. If he were to take bus direct from JB-Alor Setar, he might be taking this bus.
Alhamdullilah.. thanx to God. My dad had safely arrived on the following day.

Condolonces to all the family of accident victims. Al Fatihah

Monday, 13 August 2007

Balik Kampung

I have safely arrived in Alor Setar airport last night. I was being greeted by all my family back in Kedah. So happy n glad to see them. From the airport we straight away went to our favorite ‘nasi kandaq’ – Nasi Royale.

For those who are from Kedah, they will sure know this place. Rice with a mixture of curries gravy n your choice of beef, squid, fish, vegetable n etc.. Fuuhh… finger licking good. You have to taste it n you’ll never regret..

After that we went back home to our ‘pusaka’ house. Looking at the house refresh back all the memories from those days. But the house has never be the same like when my mom is still around. I feel so upset n frustrated. The house is so dirty n not being taken care well by the ‘new member’ of our family.

This morning I n my hubby went to visit my mom’s grave. Then we had breakfast with my brother, nasi lemak daun pisang. A small pack of nasi lemak that still available only in Kedah. Today we gonna have lunch at ‘rukun tetangga'. A Chinese halal food. Famous n always pack during lunch time.

My dad is now on the way back to Alor Setar from KL. I can’t wait to meet him. Miss him so much..

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Allahyarhamah Mama

Today 12th August, it has been 5 years since arwah mama left me for good. I am missing her in every second of my life. I still remember on the last day I left her to go back to Miri, she was sitting on the wheel chair waving at me. Her vanishing look waving at me is still fresh on my mind till today.

Arwah mama suffered from cancer. It was disheartening seeing her going thru the ordeal. But I believed Allah S.W.T loves her more than us. I will never forget seeing her life up n down thru the process of medication, especially when she had to go thru the chemotherapy procedures. The pain, hurt n distress..

Mama.. I love u so much. I always miss u. How I wish u were still around to be with me.

Semoga Allah menempatkan arwah mama dalam golongan orang2 beriman. Ampunkan segala dosa ibuku dan juga segala kesalahanku terhadap ibuku.

Al fatihah..

Friday, 10 August 2007

Tempat jatuh lagikan dikenang..

I was born in Batu Pahat, Johor. The last time I went there which actually my grandma’s house – Tanjung Laboh was 30 years back. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to go back there again during this holiday. This time I am there with my hubby n kids.

Looking at my grandma’s house brought me back all the memories. Running around with my cousins, climbing rambutan’s tree, play hide n seek, police n thieves.. It just like a film scrolled freshly in my mind.

But everything was different now. After 30 years with the tremendous development, I hardly recognized my grandma’s house. I even missed the house. One thing that reminded me is the ‘kedai cina’ opposite my aunt’s house. I am so happy to meet her. She is my mom’s sister. I have not met her for 8 years long.

Thank u so much to my hubby for bringing me there.

Tempat jatuh lagikan dikenang.. inikan pula tempat bermain..

Friday, 3 August 2007

Take a break.. it's a joke

Dalam kelas, cikgu tadika tanya soalan, "Ada 3 ekor burung di atas pokok. Seekor ditembak pemburu, berapa ekor lagi tinggal di atas pokok?" Adik Mat angkat tangan dan jawab, "Kosong cikgu". "Kenapa kosong Mat?" tanya cikgu. "Sebab 2 ekor lagi tu mesti laa terbang lari cikgu."
"Salah! Jawapannya tentulah 2 Mat, 3 tolak 1 sama dengan 2. Tapi cikgu suka cara kamu berfikir".
Sehabis kelas, Cikgu belanja Adik Mat makan aiskrim. Adik Mat tetiba bertanya, "Cikgu, ada 3 orang perempuan makan aiskrim. Satu tu style telan semua sekaligus, satu lagi gigit sikit2, dan satu lagi jilat keliling dulu dan kulum aiskrim sampai habis. Cuma satu je antara tiga tu yang dah kawin, yang mana satu cikgu?"
Tergamam cikgu dengan soalan Adik Mat. Cuba berlagak neutral cikgu menjawab, "Yang jilat keliling dulu dan kulum aiskrim sampai habis tu kot".

"Salah cikgu, yang pakai cincin kahwin laa yang dah kahwin. Tapi takpe, saya suka cara cikgu berfikir".

The true friend

When u r getting older, u seems to lost contact with all your childhood friends n schoolmates. You will start to have a new circle of friends when you life move to the next path. Especially to those women, once they got married they will have a new circle of friends.

I don’t have many close friends or buddy since I always move around from one place to another. I do communicate with them sometimes but the distance sometimes made u feel apart. Every time when I go back for my holiday to Malaysia, I always make appoint to contact my girlfriends. If time allows we do meet up n chat like old days. That’s the best moment I ever had.

A few days back, I was invited to go over to my friend’s house. Meet up n of course catch up with all the gossips. I never have been to her house before. Every time when we are on the line or phone she always insists that I have to come to her house. Since I am now at Malacca, it’s nearer n convenient to go to her place.

We plan n choose one day to visit her. She told me when we reach one small town call her n she will fetch us. Excitedly that morning me n my family drived thru to the small town mentioned. I sms to confirmed n informed that we r coming before we leave.

When we reached the small town, I called her. 1st called.. no answer. 2nd, 3rd…. Hmm.. maybe she left her phone somewhere?? I gave her another 5 minutes n still the same. I think I have called her more then 10 times! Then we just decided to go back home.

On the way back home, still hoping for her to return call n at the same time feeling pissed off, I was so totally upset. If she didn’t want me to come why she agreed n insisted me to come? Finally she called me for the next 1 ½ hours. She said she was busy n tell us to come again in the evening. Just like that without even say sorry n consideration that we actually already at her place.

Huh… That’s the final! I think I have enough with all this. Late night she asked her husband to call me to make up things. Then she sms me to come to my house n then go around to her house. No…. I just can’t.

The truth is my feeling is still hurt. Maybe I am just getting older. Too sensitive. Especially when your good friend not sincere to you anymore…