Thursday, 30 July 2009

When I Am Sick

I really don’t like to get sick. It does just not make my body feel weak but at the same time I will get emotionally distressed. This especially happens when hubby is not around n I don’t have anybody to rely on except my children n maid.

I just recovered from sore throat, cough n finished my antibiotic course a week ago. Yesterday I got my fever back. I think it happened because I ate too much rambutan when I was in Malacca which I regret very much. I started to get sore throat n mild cough. Yesterday my body started shivering n aching.

I reluctantly drove back to Shah Alam with heavy sleepy eyes n shivering body. When reached home I took the medicine n slept thru the whole night. This morning it was getting worst as the fever was getting higher to 39.4deg celcius. Hubby insisted me to go n see the doctor.

I was actually feeling very weak n couldn’t get myself to get down from the bed. In the afternoon I forced myself to drive down to the clinic. The doctor gave me an injection n told me if the fever is not getting better by tonight, tomorrow I have to go to the hospital. He told me there was a case in Malacca where one person died because of H1N1.

Huh.. it sounded so scary. But I told doctor I got the fever because of eating too much rambutan! Alhamdullilah in the evening my temperature went down to normal except I am still feeling very weak because I didn’t eat.

I seldom get sick n whenever I get sick I will feel very upset. I am worried if I get sick who will take care of my children. Who will send them to school n cook for them. I also hate to get sick coz I don’t have hubby around. I have to go to the clinic by myself n there is where I will get demoralized n upset in everything.

I will easily get angry n sometimes crying thinking how unfair of me to face this alone. But this is my life. I have to be strong no matter what – for my children, family n myself. Now I am getting emotional…

Monday, 27 July 2009

MG 9957 - see me at the police station!

I am currently in Malacca. I departed from Shah Alam in the afternoon. It was raining thru out half of the journey. It was heavy traffic starting from Pantai Medical Centre Hospital Malacca. When I reached just near the Jaya Jusco, something unfortunate happened.

There was an old car which I didnt know what model, was in front of me. All the cars were moving slowly n sometimes almost not moving at all for a few minutes. While my car was stopping suddenly I saw the car in front of me was sliding slowly backward. I was like - OH NO... please..please..don't let it happen. I immediately honked the car n flashed the light at the same time.

But the car just kept sliding down n keboom.. hit my car! After about 15 seconds the car moved forward like nothing happened. I kept honking n flashed the light giving signal to pull aside. It was jam bumper to bumper n I didnt want to stop n cause more jam. Now the car still kept moving which I didnt know whether the driver actually knew what was going on or probably wanted to run away.

Should I stop? But how can I stop when the car still kept driving. I then asked my daughter, Nadira to got out from the car n asked the driver to pull aside - tell the driver "Mak saya suruh berhenti tepi atau dia report polis!" By the way it was still drizzling at that time. Then suddenly the driver came out from the car who happen to be an old chinese apek tua.

Before I could say anything he shouted at me something in chinise. I said "you langgar kereta i. kereta u gostan belakang langgar kereta i" And u know what he said "Eh... u langgar kereta saya, u mau cakap saya. nengok kereta saya kena langgar takde apa2 rosak saya tak marah pun. mau tuduh orang langgar" I said "Hello... u yang langgar kereta i! u tak tarik hand break" Before i could finish my word he kept bombing n accusing me the one who hit his car" I then said "Fine.. saya report polis, saya tangkap gambar kereta u" He then dare said "Report ah.. apa saya takut, u yang langgar kereta saya"

Hawau tul apek tua ni.. If I were to hit his car why did I bother to chase him n ask him to pull aside? I felt like to slap his face. I was actually inside the car n he was standing outside shouting at me plus his hand pointing blaming at me like I WAS GUILTY. People around were looking at us with interest - drama di dalam hujan. Orang sebelah siap roll down the window nak dengar. I should have take his picture while he was shouting at me tapi takut lak kena lempang or ludah ke.. hehehehehe..

So he just walked off like a hero n left me clueless for a few seconds. I definitely coudn't do anything - hanya maki serapah je lah dalam kereta while reaching my mother in-law's house. I was still angry at the incident with stucked in the jam some more for so long. My MIL called me told it was flooding nearby the house - kedai lebar n asked me to take the alternative way.

I finally arrived after an hour in the jam. And thank Allah and luckly the damage was not so bad - only the plate number was scratch n broken. Lucky the plate number frame was quite thick or else the car definitely will be dented. I was actually driving hubby's precious car. Dont worry hubby.. hanya tercalar dan tercemar di plate nombor sahaja. Your car is still in a good condition!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Busy Me..

I was quite busy these back few days. I was busy with baking. Yes.. I got my life back! Beside that it’s just a normal routine happens everyday. Since my children are having their school holidays, I just stayed at home occupied with them n my project.

Alhamdullilah I foresee a promising response in this new venture. I pray n hope it will be success. And also everything goes well as planned.

As for the time being there is nothing interesting to blog or probably me who is currently busy paying more attention to other stuffs.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Red Lane

This morning I woke up feeling like a big stone stuck in my throat n my head like gonna explode. I passed out last night after took the cough n flu medicine. I sat for half an hour at the corner of my bed with half awake n lots of other things on my mind. I then took a long cold shower to start my day.

Today actually I already planned to go down to KL, specifically chow kit road. I wanted to find a shop that sells biscuits in bulks quantity – like buying in kilos or in a big pack. I used to buy either back in Malacca where my mother in-law used to go or the one in Kedah at Pekan Cina. I couldn’t find any in Shah Alam or probably I don’t know where it is.

It was heavy rain when we reached KL. I went with my cousin, Dhaniah. We stopped to have a breakfast then after the rain stopped we went to the chow kit road. I am not really familiar with the area but we just tried to drive around. When we passed thru Lorong Haji Mohammad Taib 1, we saw the Bake with Yen shop which sells the cake supplies n ingredients.

I told Dhaniah if there’s a parking we go or else just forget about it. I was lucky to have a spot just nearby the shop. I’ve been to a few branches of Bake with Yen shop but this one is heaven! Well.. the shop looks so old from the outside but in the shop I can find almost everything what I want. I am so excited. The price is even cheaper.

Once out from the shop I only noticed that I was actually at the ‘red’ lane. There were lots of mak nyah n prostitute hanging along the shops opposite where I stood. Some looked young n quite stunning but mostly were old. I saw one old n skinny looked like Pi’ee our local Penang mamak comedy use to act in anak mami who dress to kill stood up at the entrance of the stairs which I believe is the rumah tumpangan. Then there was one who is so old dah beruban was walking around saying “Nyah.. nak kutip zakat ni..” to all the ‘girls’ there. Hehehehhe.. nak raya dah kut..

Hmm… pemandang yang tidak begitu indah di pagi ini. The shop is actually at the end of the junction of the main road n we actually felt quite safe. There is also a police station nearby. I guess people around there use to see them n couldn’t be bother anymore. Probably is just us who were curious n curi-curi nengok – the beautiful woman wannabe…

Sunday, 19 July 2009


I got sore throat since 4 days ago n it's getting worst. I’ve started coughing at night time n sometimes body aching. I didn’t bother to go n see the doctor. I just took my first medication – panadol active fast this morning n also bought a strip of strepsils also this morning which till now I haven’t suck it yet.

Honestly I am feeling so tired n lazy. I just do my normal routine – sleep, cook, watching TV n sleep. People have started asking for the sample of my kek lapis for raya. It was actually a week ago. And believe it or not, I am not looking forward to it at all.

I wanted to bake a few yesterday but I got no mood. I started this morning with one type n then stopped. I’ve ordered n bought a new oven dedicated for kek lapis – the ambitious entrepreneur wannabe. It arrived 2 weeks ago. I’ve ordered online from one of the well known ‘tycoon’ in this kek lapis business. Honestly I regret as I felt like being cheated. Upon delivery (2 weeks ago), her husband came n installed the oven in front of my house by the roadside – which I don’t know why.

He didn’t call for us n we just watched him by the window. After done n when he was about to lock the car, the oven dropped down on the road. He thought we didn’t see him n straight away hand it over to my maid n daughter. I was upstairs in the toilet. I checked the oven n it was dented badly. I called his wife n informed about this as he had left without any explanation.

The wife told me that the husband didn’t drop it. She n the husband claimed that mostly all the ovens arrived were dented because of during posting n delivery from the origin state. But the thing is we saw he dropped the oven – I even can prove to him as I have it recorded on my CCTV. Well this I didn’t say to her coz I don’t want to prolong it further.

She still kept telling about the dented during posting n didn’t want to replace n I said fine if that’s the case. The money already in her hand, I couldn’t do anything. Ni lah orang melayu kalau berniaga… After 15min, my maid told me the husband came back n took the oven away. He looked angry n accidentally knocked the oven by the wall of the house. I was out sending my kid to Quran class.

I called the wife n asked what’s going on n she said that they will replace it. I waited until 2 days ago (after 10 days they took my oven) n made a phone call asking about it, then only the new replacement oven came yesterday. It was already preinstalled n I was shocked to see the oven has dented at every side of it n it is even worse.

What did I do? I did nothing. I am really pissed off n tired with this kind of people. I paid RM900 for the oven n I wish I could just send it back n have my money back.

Will this stop my excitement n enthusiasm for being the entrepreneur? No.. no… ini satu cabaran.. I need 1-2 days to fix myself n I will be back on track. The dateline is just around the corner n I need to buck up. I know I can do it. Probably this is just the changing of hormone. You know.. the monthly thingy thing, the lonesome wife.. hahahhaha.. But seriously I have enough of this n need to wake up!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

I love Going To Market!

I love to go to Market. The one I used to go is at seksyen 6, Shah Alam. When I was small I used to follow my mom to the market. Though I hate the smell n wet floor but I still like to go n see the fresh fish, meat n vegetables. When my mom started to get sick n passed away, my dad took over the task.

He is very good in carrying the job n I sometimes accompanied him when I went back hometown. Not many men actually know n like to go to the market including my hubby. Me too, only learned to go to the wet market when I being a housewife. Before this I used to buy everything in the hypermarket – easy n convenient as everything under one roof. But not everything u can find there especially the fresh ulam-ulaman n sometimes the fish also looked rotten.

As for the price – I don’t really know as I don’t really compare specifically but doing groceries at the wet market is also as expensive in any hypermarket. I normally will spend close to RM150 just buying fishes, prawn, chicken, sometimes meat n vegetables. This is not including the dry foods that I always but at Giant. What I gained in the wet market are the fresh stocks n variety choices of fish n ulam-ulaman.

I prefer to go to market n doing my groceries during weekdays. This is the special privilege for being a housewife as during the weekends the place normally will be packed, crowded n difficult to get parking. As I was busy this week n the excitement of cooking something special this weekend, I dragged myself to go to market this morning.

As expected it was crowded with people. Though only me n children at home, I still n make a point cooking different dishes daily besides soup. My children now eat grown up food like curry, sambal tumis, nasi briyani n anything they want upon their request. Today I cooked sup tulang n kerang rebus. As for tomorrow I plan to make laksa johor.

By the way my hubby always laugh at me when I say I want to go to the "market" instead of "pasar". He said orang utara ni kalau pasar cakap market.. Memang lah.. tak tau ke orang utara ni ada darah keturunan oreng putih.. semua hidung tinggi2! :D

Thursday, 16 July 2009

A Visit To The Library

Today I brought Nabila n Hakeem to the public library in Shah Alam. This was the first time the kids ever stepped in a public library. The children’s library is located on the top floor. There were not many children at the time we arrived. Once inside Nabila n Hakeem were excited looking at all the books. There were tons of books but sadly all the books are rather old n worn out.

Some of the books in English are the old books which during ancient zaman penjajah time that are not suitable for kids to read. I asked both of them to choose a book n read. Hakeem is now getting better in reading. Nabila who loves to read kept looking for another after another. As for Hakeem after one book he told me that he was tired n bored

He then started to walk n run around n met one new friend. I didn’t realize that until I heard his loud chattered voice. He at first introducing himself then started talking about BEN 10, spiderman n space thingy thing. I guessed that boy too was in the same boat with him as he was also engrossed n talked over it too. They then were pretending playing something about the imaginary things.

That’s Hakeem… he was complaining in a minute ago of getting bored n wanted to go back but in a while he already made new friends n happily talking n enjoying his moments there. Anyway I register both of them to be the member. We spent there for one half hour n each of them borrowed three books.

Once out from the library they were complaining hungry. Penat membaca…. So I treated a bowl of mushroom soup for them. There goes the day, today – the interesting new activity for them.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Fingers

I started playing piano when I was 7 years old. I finished till grade four n then continued playing organ. I didn’t remember n know what inspired me to change from piano to organ. Probably because I was amazed of the organ having music in the background n the two layers kind of instruments. I played till I was 15 years old. I did take a few exams in piano n organ.

I then stopped n just played at home whenever I felt like one. I bought lots of latest notes music book to entertain myself n family. It continued till now. Honestly I feel bit regret that I didn’t finish my course in piano. Though I know how to read the music notes but I feel I should finish till the highest grade n go thru all the exams.

I always hope n wish that one of my children will continue my dream. I sent Nadira for music class once and she chose violin. It only lasted for 6 months then she got bored n quit. From the beginning I already felt that she won’t last long. She is more into singing n acting.

Nabila my youngest daughter had shown her interest in music since she was small whenever she saw me played keyboard. Now I have started sending her to piano lesson. She has attended four lesson n she enjoyed it so much. She is now can read simple notes n played the beginner songs.

I don’t have piano at home but just a keyboard that I used to play for myself. She is now using that to practise her skill. I plan to buy one piano when she is already in grade three or four. I hope that Nabila will finish her piano lesson course till the highest grade.

Music is good for children as it assist in the development of certain mental thought processes, especially developing spatial intelligence, pattern recognition, forming conclusions and reasoning skills. It is clear that musical training improves reading skills, especially at the phonemic stage. Recognizing patterns of music will aid learning patterns in other areas, such as reading and math. Just studying music for its own pleasure also increases creative and cognitive skills and abstract thinking in children.

Beside the good reasons n facts about children learning music I want Nabila to enjoy it.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A Train Ride

Yesterday I brought Nabila & Hakeem for a train ride. I was actually planning to go to the Toy’s Russ at Subang Parade which is the closest to my home. But my dad got a better idea n asked the children whether they want to take a train – well.. definitely they screamed for joy.

My hubby loves to take the kids for a train ride. Me the always-want-the-ease way prefers to drive to the doorstep of the place. Preferable n better be I can park the car in front of the entrance! Hehehehe.. So yesterday we went to KLCC. We took the LRT from Kelana Jaya.

It was quite a long journey that we have to pass thru 8 stations. I got dizzy after reached the station but the kids were very excited jumping happily. When reached there we right away went for lunch as everybody was hungry. Nabila wanted to eat at Chili’s but my dad wanted to eat rice.

So at the end we ate at the food court as both of them can have varieties choices. But at the end Nabila ate rice with fish. Saja je.. nak sakat Tok Ayah dia.. As for Hakeem he had wantan soup as he wanted to use chopstick. Suprisingly he finished the whole bowl.

Later on as promised we went to Toy’s Russ. Nabila bought Monopoly n Hakeem the usual Bakugan toys. After got their things they started saying that they were tired n wanted to go back home. Hmm… as much as I thought I will never have a chance to wonder around. There was sale everywhere!!

Anyway Dhaniah dropped by at the KLCC n we went back home by car. When reached home everybody in the house started playing monopoly! It continued till today n even Tok Ayah was playing too! My kids are so happy with their Tok Ayah. My dad is going back tonight n it will be sad to see him going. I wish he could stay longer. The kids will be happy as it's school holiday n we can go to places with their grandfather.

Monday, 13 July 2009

The Weekend

Nabila n Hakeem have started their summer break. It is a long holiday – 6 weeks no schooling! As for Nadira this week is her last week of schooling. I don’t have any plan yet for them. Probably just stay at home or find any activity to kill their boredom.

Yesterday my dad came over with my brother. My cousins were here as well. Meriah ah kejap rumah.. Hakeem was very excited to meet his boys’ cousin. He played football n all the boys stuff. At night I brought my dad to have shawarma at our relative’s stall.

This morning Hakeem went for a walk with his Tok Ayah. My dad always likes to tease Hakeem. So a walk today with his Tok Ayah holding hands together is a good start of ‘reconciliation’ hehehehehe.

Friday, 10 July 2009

I Got It From My Mama....

Many people when they look at me now they will say that I look like my late mom. This is especially those who know my mom when she’s still alive. After a year my mom passed away when I was at my home town I bumped into her friends. I was with my dad n they mistaken me as my mom. They said the way I stood n walked from behind was like my mom.

I heard this many times from my mom’s friends n close relatives. There was one time my long distance relative that I have not met for years said that I reminded her lots of my mom. When I asked what was that she said the way I talked – my laugh n dialect.

When I was small everybody said that I have my father’s features. As I grown up n especially now – getting older I am more like my mom. My bro always said that when I started to open my mouth nagging n lecturing them – that reminds them of our mom.

I guess I have inherited part of my mom’s habits n likes. I love to cook just like her. I love to receive n welcome guests at home just like her. I love to bake, cook for people n make that as a part time business just like her. I am always worried about my brothers just like her. And the most part is I learned to be strong n independent just like her.

When people said – “Kak long… sebiji macam arwah” it means my mom is never forgotten. I am please to hear that which at the same time it also reminds me that I am old!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Jungle Book Show

Last night I went to watch the show at Nabila & Hakeem school titled “The Jungle Book”. The show was adapted from the Disney Animated Classic Jungle Book. It tells about a young boy named Mowgli who is adopted by a wolf pack and taught the laws of the jungle by Baloo, loveable bear and Bagheera the panther. It is a story about a friendship between man and animals n how he survives growing up in the jungle.

Every child in the school has their part to play. Nabila and her classmates were panthers who growing up in the jungle. While Hakeem and his friends played as village people. The show was success n all of the children were very talented. Many parents turned up to give support to their children.

I enjoyed the show n happy to see Nabila and Hakeem did it well. They were practising hard n looking forward for this day.

This is the closing year end term show by the children. The children gained n developed their public speaking, singing, dancing and acting talents and share them with the audience. That’s proven to Hakeem n Nabila who were many times performed on stage without fright n Hakeem who just loved the microphone that he just couldn’t stop talking!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Farewell To Mrs Tate

Last Friday Nabila’s class had a farewell party for the class teacher – Mrs Tate. She begged me to join them. I left Hakeem at the hospital with my maid n sneaked out to the school to attend the party. I bought three boxes of pizza.

When I arrived the party has started with giving away gifts to Mrs Tate. Later on each of the students read poems to her. Mrs Tate was so happy n pleased to receive such an overwhelming celebration from her students n moms. There were lots of foods laid on the table.

Mrs Tate has been a very good teacher to my daughter. I was quite shocked at first when got to know that she is leaving. I was expecting Hakeem to be in her class when he goes to Year 1.

I wish all the best to Mrs Tate n hope to see her again somewhere, sometime.. I am sure all the students will miss her n proud to have her as their teacher.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Truly Blessed

First of all I would like to express my gratitude to Allah S.W.T. Hakeem is now fully recover from his fever n free infection in all the tests. After six days staying at the hospital, we finally got to get back home today. Hakeem is so happy n back to himself – very active running, playing n not to mention the babbling n non ending talking.

For the past six days, I left my house with only my children, cousin n maid. After two days my aunty arrived to be with them. I am totally blessed n thankful to my dearest cousin Dhaniah. She has been so kind n very helpful to send n pick Nabila to/from school. What will I do without u Danny… Semoga Allah membalas segala budi baikmu itu.

When I was alone at the hospital, I was thinking a lot about my children n home. How I wish hubby is around. I hate to trouble people. I hate when people start to think I am a burden to them. I know the fact that there are things that I can never do alone. Therefore I am so grateful to have people around me that I love n care. This bunch of people that have a warm heart n always be there when I need a hand.

I have father, brothers, cousins, aunties, uncles, mother in-law, SIL who on & on showed their concerns n worries about Hakeem. Thank u so much n I do really appreciate that.

Now I am back at home n gonna have a good sleep on my bed tonight.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Happy Birthday Voguemom

Today is exactly 3 years I’ve started as a blogger - a profession that I love at the moment. My blog – scritch & scratch is mainly just about what’s going on thru out the journey of my life.

I sometimes love to knock the keyboard n share thoughts with others. For some people it could be rubbish or probably sort of me bragging about what’s going on in my life. But well… it’s my blog.. hehehhehe.. I can write whatever I want.

To who ever who loves to read my blog – thank you so much. To who ever that I might have hurt your feelings without I realize – I am very sorry.

Anyway after 3 years, I am proud to still have the same excitement n enthusiasm every day to write something in my blog. And I will never stop.. Insyaalah.

Happy birthday voguemom.

A Quickie Home Visit

The latest result for Hakeem’s urine test is much better. Yesterday the contained of the blood cell in his urine was 20-30 n this morning was 2-3. I am so relief n teramat bersyukur. He is not having fever anymore n it is a good sign of his recovery.

When the doctor came to visit him today I asked for us to be discharged from the hospital. He said NOT YET. I was about to breakdown n cry in front of him. My other concern n worry is Nabila. I’ve left her for 5 days n feel like I have been neglected her.

Though she has Nadira, my cousins n aunty around but she always cried at night before sleeping. I am totally feeling guilty about this. But on the other hand I don’t want to leave Hakeem alone at the hospital. I don’t want to bring Nabila to the hospital coz she is still small n with all this swine flu around, I think she is just better to stay at home.

So this morning I asked for the doctor’s permission to go back home for a while. I am now at home n has to go back to the hospital by 2pm. Luckily the hospital is just nearby from the house. When reached home, Hakeem looked so excited n happy. He straight away ran to see his plants – tomato & chilli. He also was running looking for Nabila.

They were holding hand n non-stop talking to each other. I know they miss each other so much n Hakeem miss his home too. Today is his 5th day in the hospital. We have to stay in the hospital till Monday. Hakeem has to finish his antibiotic course n on Monday get an ultra sound scan to check the condition of his bladder.

I just hope n pray that he will fine. Meanwhile we make this opportunity at home to be with Nabila n others. Honestly.. I am glad to be at home though it’s only for a short while.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Get Well Soon Hakeem

I was at the hospital since Tuesday. Hakeem has been admitted to the hospital. I was actually there to get him to see the specialist for a thorough check up. Since he was small Hakeem always has fever, flu n cough. The recent one was 3 weeks ago after we came back from PD.

Every time when we went for a holiday or trip either at the cold place, desert or crowded dusty places, Hakeem will catch the flu or fever. That Tuesday morning also I found Hakeem’s urine contained a bit of blood.

I was panic when asked by the doctor to get Hakeem admitted. I didn’t expect n prepare for that at all. I rushed back home to settle Nabila n house matter then get back to Hospital in the evening.

Hakeem has done his urine & blood test. It seems the urine n blood got infection. He got the ultra sound test as well for bladder & kidney. Alhamdullilah his kidney is fine except infection n inflame at the bladder.

Anyway he is now undergoing an antibiotic treatment. He is still having fever at night. The doctor is still doing some test n add on new antibiotic which is suitable to kill the virus.

Otherwise Hakeem is so active during the day time. He talks non-stop n love the hospital food! He sometimes got bored n nagging me to bring him home. I pray n hope that Hakeem will be better soon.

Meanwhile I have to be at the hospital for another a few days. I pray to Allah to protect all my children.