Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Fingers

I started playing piano when I was 7 years old. I finished till grade four n then continued playing organ. I didn’t remember n know what inspired me to change from piano to organ. Probably because I was amazed of the organ having music in the background n the two layers kind of instruments. I played till I was 15 years old. I did take a few exams in piano n organ.

I then stopped n just played at home whenever I felt like one. I bought lots of latest notes music book to entertain myself n family. It continued till now. Honestly I feel bit regret that I didn’t finish my course in piano. Though I know how to read the music notes but I feel I should finish till the highest grade n go thru all the exams.

I always hope n wish that one of my children will continue my dream. I sent Nadira for music class once and she chose violin. It only lasted for 6 months then she got bored n quit. From the beginning I already felt that she won’t last long. She is more into singing n acting.

Nabila my youngest daughter had shown her interest in music since she was small whenever she saw me played keyboard. Now I have started sending her to piano lesson. She has attended four lesson n she enjoyed it so much. She is now can read simple notes n played the beginner songs.

I don’t have piano at home but just a keyboard that I used to play for myself. She is now using that to practise her skill. I plan to buy one piano when she is already in grade three or four. I hope that Nabila will finish her piano lesson course till the highest grade.

Music is good for children as it assist in the development of certain mental thought processes, especially developing spatial intelligence, pattern recognition, forming conclusions and reasoning skills. It is clear that musical training improves reading skills, especially at the phonemic stage. Recognizing patterns of music will aid learning patterns in other areas, such as reading and math. Just studying music for its own pleasure also increases creative and cognitive skills and abstract thinking in children.

Beside the good reasons n facts about children learning music I want Nabila to enjoy it.

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