Saturday, 18 July 2009

I love Going To Market!

I love to go to Market. The one I used to go is at seksyen 6, Shah Alam. When I was small I used to follow my mom to the market. Though I hate the smell n wet floor but I still like to go n see the fresh fish, meat n vegetables. When my mom started to get sick n passed away, my dad took over the task.

He is very good in carrying the job n I sometimes accompanied him when I went back hometown. Not many men actually know n like to go to the market including my hubby. Me too, only learned to go to the wet market when I being a housewife. Before this I used to buy everything in the hypermarket – easy n convenient as everything under one roof. But not everything u can find there especially the fresh ulam-ulaman n sometimes the fish also looked rotten.

As for the price – I don’t really know as I don’t really compare specifically but doing groceries at the wet market is also as expensive in any hypermarket. I normally will spend close to RM150 just buying fishes, prawn, chicken, sometimes meat n vegetables. This is not including the dry foods that I always but at Giant. What I gained in the wet market are the fresh stocks n variety choices of fish n ulam-ulaman.

I prefer to go to market n doing my groceries during weekdays. This is the special privilege for being a housewife as during the weekends the place normally will be packed, crowded n difficult to get parking. As I was busy this week n the excitement of cooking something special this weekend, I dragged myself to go to market this morning.

As expected it was crowded with people. Though only me n children at home, I still n make a point cooking different dishes daily besides soup. My children now eat grown up food like curry, sambal tumis, nasi briyani n anything they want upon their request. Today I cooked sup tulang n kerang rebus. As for tomorrow I plan to make laksa johor.

By the way my hubby always laugh at me when I say I want to go to the "market" instead of "pasar". He said orang utara ni kalau pasar cakap market.. Memang lah.. tak tau ke orang utara ni ada darah keturunan oreng putih.. semua hidung tinggi2! :D

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