Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A Train Ride

Yesterday I brought Nabila & Hakeem for a train ride. I was actually planning to go to the Toy’s Russ at Subang Parade which is the closest to my home. But my dad got a better idea n asked the children whether they want to take a train – well.. definitely they screamed for joy.

My hubby loves to take the kids for a train ride. Me the always-want-the-ease way prefers to drive to the doorstep of the place. Preferable n better be I can park the car in front of the entrance! Hehehehe.. So yesterday we went to KLCC. We took the LRT from Kelana Jaya.

It was quite a long journey that we have to pass thru 8 stations. I got dizzy after reached the station but the kids were very excited jumping happily. When reached there we right away went for lunch as everybody was hungry. Nabila wanted to eat at Chili’s but my dad wanted to eat rice.

So at the end we ate at the food court as both of them can have varieties choices. But at the end Nabila ate rice with fish. Saja je.. nak sakat Tok Ayah dia.. As for Hakeem he had wantan soup as he wanted to use chopstick. Suprisingly he finished the whole bowl.

Later on as promised we went to Toy’s Russ. Nabila bought Monopoly n Hakeem the usual Bakugan toys. After got their things they started saying that they were tired n wanted to go back home. Hmm… as much as I thought I will never have a chance to wonder around. There was sale everywhere!!

Anyway Dhaniah dropped by at the KLCC n we went back home by car. When reached home everybody in the house started playing monopoly! It continued till today n even Tok Ayah was playing too! My kids are so happy with their Tok Ayah. My dad is going back tonight n it will be sad to see him going. I wish he could stay longer. The kids will be happy as it's school holiday n we can go to places with their grandfather.

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