Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Farewell To Mrs Tate

Last Friday Nabila’s class had a farewell party for the class teacher – Mrs Tate. She begged me to join them. I left Hakeem at the hospital with my maid n sneaked out to the school to attend the party. I bought three boxes of pizza.

When I arrived the party has started with giving away gifts to Mrs Tate. Later on each of the students read poems to her. Mrs Tate was so happy n pleased to receive such an overwhelming celebration from her students n moms. There were lots of foods laid on the table.

Mrs Tate has been a very good teacher to my daughter. I was quite shocked at first when got to know that she is leaving. I was expecting Hakeem to be in her class when he goes to Year 1.

I wish all the best to Mrs Tate n hope to see her again somewhere, sometime.. I am sure all the students will miss her n proud to have her as their teacher.

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