Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Jungle Book Show

Last night I went to watch the show at Nabila & Hakeem school titled “The Jungle Book”. The show was adapted from the Disney Animated Classic Jungle Book. It tells about a young boy named Mowgli who is adopted by a wolf pack and taught the laws of the jungle by Baloo, loveable bear and Bagheera the panther. It is a story about a friendship between man and animals n how he survives growing up in the jungle.

Every child in the school has their part to play. Nabila and her classmates were panthers who growing up in the jungle. While Hakeem and his friends played as village people. The show was success n all of the children were very talented. Many parents turned up to give support to their children.

I enjoyed the show n happy to see Nabila and Hakeem did it well. They were practising hard n looking forward for this day.

This is the closing year end term show by the children. The children gained n developed their public speaking, singing, dancing and acting talents and share them with the audience. That’s proven to Hakeem n Nabila who were many times performed on stage without fright n Hakeem who just loved the microphone that he just couldn’t stop talking!

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