Friday, 10 July 2009

I Got It From My Mama....

Many people when they look at me now they will say that I look like my late mom. This is especially those who know my mom when she’s still alive. After a year my mom passed away when I was at my home town I bumped into her friends. I was with my dad n they mistaken me as my mom. They said the way I stood n walked from behind was like my mom.

I heard this many times from my mom’s friends n close relatives. There was one time my long distance relative that I have not met for years said that I reminded her lots of my mom. When I asked what was that she said the way I talked – my laugh n dialect.

When I was small everybody said that I have my father’s features. As I grown up n especially now – getting older I am more like my mom. My bro always said that when I started to open my mouth nagging n lecturing them – that reminds them of our mom.

I guess I have inherited part of my mom’s habits n likes. I love to cook just like her. I love to receive n welcome guests at home just like her. I love to bake, cook for people n make that as a part time business just like her. I am always worried about my brothers just like her. And the most part is I learned to be strong n independent just like her.

When people said – “Kak long… sebiji macam arwah” it means my mom is never forgotten. I am please to hear that which at the same time it also reminds me that I am old!

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