Sunday, 19 July 2009


I got sore throat since 4 days ago n it's getting worst. I’ve started coughing at night time n sometimes body aching. I didn’t bother to go n see the doctor. I just took my first medication – panadol active fast this morning n also bought a strip of strepsils also this morning which till now I haven’t suck it yet.

Honestly I am feeling so tired n lazy. I just do my normal routine – sleep, cook, watching TV n sleep. People have started asking for the sample of my kek lapis for raya. It was actually a week ago. And believe it or not, I am not looking forward to it at all.

I wanted to bake a few yesterday but I got no mood. I started this morning with one type n then stopped. I’ve ordered n bought a new oven dedicated for kek lapis – the ambitious entrepreneur wannabe. It arrived 2 weeks ago. I’ve ordered online from one of the well known ‘tycoon’ in this kek lapis business. Honestly I regret as I felt like being cheated. Upon delivery (2 weeks ago), her husband came n installed the oven in front of my house by the roadside – which I don’t know why.

He didn’t call for us n we just watched him by the window. After done n when he was about to lock the car, the oven dropped down on the road. He thought we didn’t see him n straight away hand it over to my maid n daughter. I was upstairs in the toilet. I checked the oven n it was dented badly. I called his wife n informed about this as he had left without any explanation.

The wife told me that the husband didn’t drop it. She n the husband claimed that mostly all the ovens arrived were dented because of during posting n delivery from the origin state. But the thing is we saw he dropped the oven – I even can prove to him as I have it recorded on my CCTV. Well this I didn’t say to her coz I don’t want to prolong it further.

She still kept telling about the dented during posting n didn’t want to replace n I said fine if that’s the case. The money already in her hand, I couldn’t do anything. Ni lah orang melayu kalau berniaga… After 15min, my maid told me the husband came back n took the oven away. He looked angry n accidentally knocked the oven by the wall of the house. I was out sending my kid to Quran class.

I called the wife n asked what’s going on n she said that they will replace it. I waited until 2 days ago (after 10 days they took my oven) n made a phone call asking about it, then only the new replacement oven came yesterday. It was already preinstalled n I was shocked to see the oven has dented at every side of it n it is even worse.

What did I do? I did nothing. I am really pissed off n tired with this kind of people. I paid RM900 for the oven n I wish I could just send it back n have my money back.

Will this stop my excitement n enthusiasm for being the entrepreneur? No.. no… ini satu cabaran.. I need 1-2 days to fix myself n I will be back on track. The dateline is just around the corner n I need to buck up. I know I can do it. Probably this is just the changing of hormone. You know.. the monthly thingy thing, the lonesome wife.. hahahhaha.. But seriously I have enough of this n need to wake up!

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