Saturday, 4 July 2009

A Quickie Home Visit

The latest result for Hakeem’s urine test is much better. Yesterday the contained of the blood cell in his urine was 20-30 n this morning was 2-3. I am so relief n teramat bersyukur. He is not having fever anymore n it is a good sign of his recovery.

When the doctor came to visit him today I asked for us to be discharged from the hospital. He said NOT YET. I was about to breakdown n cry in front of him. My other concern n worry is Nabila. I’ve left her for 5 days n feel like I have been neglected her.

Though she has Nadira, my cousins n aunty around but she always cried at night before sleeping. I am totally feeling guilty about this. But on the other hand I don’t want to leave Hakeem alone at the hospital. I don’t want to bring Nabila to the hospital coz she is still small n with all this swine flu around, I think she is just better to stay at home.

So this morning I asked for the doctor’s permission to go back home for a while. I am now at home n has to go back to the hospital by 2pm. Luckily the hospital is just nearby from the house. When reached home, Hakeem looked so excited n happy. He straight away ran to see his plants – tomato & chilli. He also was running looking for Nabila.

They were holding hand n non-stop talking to each other. I know they miss each other so much n Hakeem miss his home too. Today is his 5th day in the hospital. We have to stay in the hospital till Monday. Hakeem has to finish his antibiotic course n on Monday get an ultra sound scan to check the condition of his bladder.

I just hope n pray that he will fine. Meanwhile we make this opportunity at home to be with Nabila n others. Honestly.. I am glad to be at home though it’s only for a short while.

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