Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Red Lane

This morning I woke up feeling like a big stone stuck in my throat n my head like gonna explode. I passed out last night after took the cough n flu medicine. I sat for half an hour at the corner of my bed with half awake n lots of other things on my mind. I then took a long cold shower to start my day.

Today actually I already planned to go down to KL, specifically chow kit road. I wanted to find a shop that sells biscuits in bulks quantity – like buying in kilos or in a big pack. I used to buy either back in Malacca where my mother in-law used to go or the one in Kedah at Pekan Cina. I couldn’t find any in Shah Alam or probably I don’t know where it is.

It was heavy rain when we reached KL. I went with my cousin, Dhaniah. We stopped to have a breakfast then after the rain stopped we went to the chow kit road. I am not really familiar with the area but we just tried to drive around. When we passed thru Lorong Haji Mohammad Taib 1, we saw the Bake with Yen shop which sells the cake supplies n ingredients.

I told Dhaniah if there’s a parking we go or else just forget about it. I was lucky to have a spot just nearby the shop. I’ve been to a few branches of Bake with Yen shop but this one is heaven! Well.. the shop looks so old from the outside but in the shop I can find almost everything what I want. I am so excited. The price is even cheaper.

Once out from the shop I only noticed that I was actually at the ‘red’ lane. There were lots of mak nyah n prostitute hanging along the shops opposite where I stood. Some looked young n quite stunning but mostly were old. I saw one old n skinny looked like Pi’ee our local Penang mamak comedy use to act in anak mami who dress to kill stood up at the entrance of the stairs which I believe is the rumah tumpangan. Then there was one who is so old dah beruban was walking around saying “Nyah.. nak kutip zakat ni..” to all the ‘girls’ there. Hehehehhe.. nak raya dah kut..

Hmm… pemandang yang tidak begitu indah di pagi ini. The shop is actually at the end of the junction of the main road n we actually felt quite safe. There is also a police station nearby. I guess people around there use to see them n couldn’t be bother anymore. Probably is just us who were curious n curi-curi nengok – the beautiful woman wannabe…

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