Monday, 13 July 2009

The Weekend

Nabila n Hakeem have started their summer break. It is a long holiday – 6 weeks no schooling! As for Nadira this week is her last week of schooling. I don’t have any plan yet for them. Probably just stay at home or find any activity to kill their boredom.

Yesterday my dad came over with my brother. My cousins were here as well. Meriah ah kejap rumah.. Hakeem was very excited to meet his boys’ cousin. He played football n all the boys stuff. At night I brought my dad to have shawarma at our relative’s stall.

This morning Hakeem went for a walk with his Tok Ayah. My dad always likes to tease Hakeem. So a walk today with his Tok Ayah holding hands together is a good start of ‘reconciliation’ hehehehehe.

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