Sunday, 31 July 2011

Shopping for Raya?

Shopping for Raya? I don’t remember when was the last time I had the excitement doing Raya shopping specifically baju raya! As we’re getting older (probably not everyone), the excitement for new baju raya are getting lesser. We are normally focusing more to our children.

My children, especially the last two (blame me for this!) don’t really aware about the terminology of “baju raya”. They have been brought up abroad and ‘raya’ was normally celebrated only on the first day which normally makan2. The last two years, they started to appreciate more towards Raya after being introduced to “duit raya”.

I buy clothes, shoes for my children continuously throughout the year. So that’s why when it comes to Raya, I don’t feel they need for new baju raya except probably baju kurung or baju melayu. All my children seem to adapt with this trend and thank God they don’t mind it at all. What is a must is DUIT RAYA.

I know back in Malaysia, my brothers, relatives and friends are busying doing their last minute shopping for raya. Syoknya.. I could imagine the crowds and rows of stalls at PKNS Shah Alam. As for here, there are many outlets having sales and I could see Omani’s busying shops for Eid as well. There is also one place called Oman International Exhibition Centre which normally held a few events. Now they are having “Oman Largest Shopping Extravaganza” event.

The last time when I was here, this seems to be my favourite spot. They sell variety of clothes and shoes. Siap duit je ah.. But normally those are not to my liking except for jubah. Yesterday morning, I went with my daughters. As expected the place was crowded with people and also as expected, they sell the same things that I’ve seen for the past six years.

We went around from one row to another making a tour in the whole hall. At the end we got a nice jubah for each of us, a drawing template for the kids and kacang goreng from Iran! Nevertheless we enjoyed it as we shared the excitement with other which konon2 shopping raya ah...

Back in Malaysia, selamat bershopping.. baju melayu, kurung sure ada tema colour.. Jangan terover budget lak.. :)

Friday, 29 July 2011

Mutrah Wet Market

Since I came here, I mormally did my groceries at one of the famous hypermarket here name LULU. Besides chicken and vegetables, fish also are quite variety and fresh. Anyway today I decided to go to the wet market which located at Mutrah, near the Mina Qaboos port which is about half hour drive from my place.

Since today is weekend, I went out quite early to avoid the crowd and traffic. At first I was surprise as the usual place where I used to go was empty. They are doing some upgrading and renovation. All I could see was just a section for vegetables.

Probably looking lost, one of the Omani there told me that the fish section has moved to the next building which was not far from the vegetable section. As usual.. I always feel excited every time goes to market. I love seeing fresh fishes, prawns and more. Over here they sell variety of fish that we back in Malaysia don’t eat.

I just walked around looking for the familiar fish that I use to buy. At this moment tengah musim ikan kembong/termenung. It is so fresh. Best kalau buat laksa... When asked for the price – it’s 4 pieces or OM1riyal or 5pieces for 1OMriyal depends on the sizes. Tak main timbang2 ni... Since mahal, cancel laksa! Hehehhe.. So I just bought the medium size which is 4pieces for OM1riyal.

I also bought crabs! 1kg for OM3riyal. Ni mmg takleh kurang langsung. It’s normal kalau weekend, eksen pakcik2 jual ikan ni.. Either you take it or you walk away. Anyway I bought a few types of fish, some crabs and prawns.

Done with the fish.. tour at the vegetable section. What I love most is the kurma. During summer memang musim.. The kurma is so fresh and sweet. There are many types depends on the range. The more expensive, the more it tastes nice.

So today, our lunch memang best!! I cooked sweet sour ikan kerapu, ketam goring and terung masa black pepper. Yuuummmyyy...

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My Not So Lucky Day

Today I went out as early as 6.45am to make a residence card. Today things had gone beyond my expectation. Betul2 mencabar... I thought we would just finish within an hour or two but it dragged till afternoon.

I went to the Royal Oman Police with my daughter and maid, brought by my hubby’s office PRO. First we went to the “Fingerprints Department”. The queued outside the building was like hell. We were lucky as there were not so many people for ladies. They have different sections for ladies and men – which was the best part! After taken number, we were called to take our fingerprints for each of our fingers. Yup.. one by one for all my 10 beautiful fingers.. hehehehhe..

Later then, we walked to the next building bringing the documents to make a residence card. At that time was 7.45am and the queue for taking number was very long until you could see people (mostly Indians and Philippines) stood outside as far as to the car park which probably about 400mtr.

Again, I was lucky as we are the “ladies”, the section was not too long. Anyhow.. the drama began when my number was called. When it came to my turn, I sat down waited for my photo to be taken, suddenly the computer hung! The officer tried a few times but failed. He then ushered me and others to another room which already crowded with other people.

The officer in that room was sooo garang! When he saw a group of us budged in there, he shouted to all of us to queue. He asked and checked for each of our ticket number so that we would queue according to the number. When he asked mine, I told him that my ticket has been taken by the officer from another room. He kept saying with a loud voice in front of my face which I couldn’t understand sepatah haram.. Luckily the PRO came to explain to him and he allowed me to queue in.. Huh.. masa tu rasa mcm nak sepak je muka dia!

All of us ladies in the room terus takut were quiet and waited patiently. I saw a few Indians in front of me sia2 je kena tengking because she couldn’t understand what he was talking about. Though I was totally pissed off with him, I was glad too for seeing an officer like him. A very strict, discipline and go by rules. As I saw and encountered before, a few just walked in and cut the queue.

Anyway, when it came to my turn to take photo, he asked me to take off my glasses and without any warning – that’s it my photo was snapped. Sumpah confirm muka buruk! OK.. done with this and we went to the “Receiving Card” department. We waited for our name to be called to collect the card.

Thru my experience during my stay last time, I waited probably about half an hour to collect the card. This time around was such a pain. There were so many people, too many people. I could see the other side where all the men, berhimpit mcm sardine. The officer called each name with a loud voice (no speaker) and if he is the person, he either has to put up his hand or answer by shouting YES. Then he has to struggle to walk in between stubborn people who names are not called yet to go to the front counter. Some of them even waited outside the building and I don’t know how they would hear their name.

Well.. that’s the men section. As for ladies, at first I sat down waited for the name to be called. There were already small crowd in front of the counter. I waited and looked at how this things work for about 10min. I told myself; by sitting here I would never get my card. I couldn’t hear clearly and I also saw some of them just passed the passport to get the card.

So if, you can’t beat the crowd.. join them! After an hour stood there my daughter’s name and maid were called. I was expecting mine to be next but none. I waited again.. and again.. STOOD there and felt a few times like vomiting and fainting. After one hour, my name was still not being called yet. I went to the officer (a few times begging) kept trying dgn muka seposen told him to look for my card.

The officer who gave the card to my daughter remembered us Malaysians and helped to find my card. After he couldn't find it, he asked me to go to the next room (computer room) to see the officer there. By the time I was in front of the door, dah kena halau. Damn.. masa tu mmg rasa nak nangis.. My PRO happened to see me talked and explained to that officer. At first he strictly didn’t allow me in but at last he did.

He took my passport and pass to the guy inside. Then still I waited for about half an hour until somebody attended to my passport. I was then told that my name was not in the system. Aduh.. I went back again to the room where I took photo just now and did all over again. At that time, the garang officer baik ah pulak.. helped me out with this.

After done with that, I took the passport and passed back to the officer in the room. Wallaaa.. after 10 min my name was called. Fuh... Today was just not my day. Banyak betul dugaan.. but at the end Alhamdulillah I got my residence card – of course with my ugly face muka terkejut!!

We walked out from the building at 11.30am and the queued was still long. I felt sorry for them as it was getting hotter. According to the PRO normally the crowd was not as bad as today. Well.. to me I just feel that they have to do something to improve the system.

Monday, 25 July 2011


Alhamdullilah... at last we got a house. After a week searching, we finally found one that we like. It has 5bedrooms, 6 toilets and 3 stories.. Sounds scary ah.. The scary part is the “3 stories”. I don’t think that I would last long climb up from one stairs to another.

Anyway that top floor we dedicated to our maid, since dia muda ganteng.. It will be her room + laundry room as well. The house is actually not too small or too big, it’s just nice for all of us. Furthermore it is located at Al-Khuwair, which is our favourite area - easy access to anywhere in Muscat.

The house will be ready by end of the month which I do really hope that I can move in before Ramadhan. We met the owner yesterday. A very nice guy who are too really keen to have us at his house! There’s nothing much actually need to be done at the house except the owner wants to repaint and do some cleaning.

We too asked him to install curtain for us. Through my experience last time, curtain here was so expensive. We spent so much on the simple curtain which at the end we just left it behind once we went back for good. So this time around, dah pandai.. so demand ah kat landlord tu. We’re lucky that he agreed on this term.

This morning I’ve started buying some electrical goods. Later in the evening, I plan to survey on furniture. Buying furniture here is not like back in our country. The delivery might take 4-5 days and that if you’re lucky. Sometimes though they have promise to deliver on certain date, they can just tend to forget and the delivery will be delayed. Annoying right? But this is seems t be norm here..

Well.. let’s just hope that it won’t happen to us and it turn out better. So for this next few days, I’ll be very busy shops and spend goods for our new home. Excited ni.. And also at the same time, I do hope that the house will be ready soon.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Ride On Rock

As for now, we are still not getting a house that we like. Well.. of course there are a lot but the one that we like are the one that way way out of our budget. House rental here is so expensive. For a normal one room flat/apartment cost around 350riyal which around RM3k! So for a house or they called villa, 4-5 bedrooms will cost from 800riyal depends on the location.

We are actually in the midst of negotiating one villa. I am still waiting for the agent to come back to us. I really hope this will pull through so that we can move before Ramadhan. Ramadhan is just a week away.

Anyway.. while in the stress of not finding a house, my life activities continue as norm. Yes.. and it’s cycling! I got hooked into this new ‘hobby’ during my last visit here. Hubby has started since he was here. We actually always wanted and planned to do this even while back in Malaysia. And now.. with all the extra time we have here, and the interesting place to cycle – here I am, my weekends activity.

Yesterday and today, we went to a place name Al Amerat. Though I have not cycling for couple months, I still got the “umphh” and masih bertahan. We spent almost two hours there, went around the dirt roads, and mountains. It’s very challenging and tiring but I am so satisfied once it’s over.

Well.. here are some pictures taken. Enjoy it!

Today's cycling..

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Marhab.. from Muscat, Oman

Marhab... here I am back again to Muscat, Oman. I and my family were safely arrived 4 days ago. This time I came not for a holiday but to LIVE here. This time around when I come, it is of course with different expectations. I still remember, six years ago when I first time arrived here, with my two small babies with me, everything was so new and I was like in the middle of nowhere.

I know nobody and everything I have to do on my own. When I think of it, I thankful as it gave me a tremendous experience, colourful journey in my life and how to survive in a different part of the world. And now after three years I left, again I and my family has been destined to be here. Maybe Allah has reason why He wants us to be here J

So this time, I come like an army who is ready to face the battle!! I don’t need a dummy book on “how to survive in Oman” or probably a “dictionary” on how to face the people here! Hahahahha... Frankly I was really looking forward when hubby got called to Oman. I was excited to be here again.

Anyway... since the day I arrived, my days were occupied with lots of tasks. As for now, the progress so far is so good. It goes well as expected. My children have got their school placement here. My maid’s visa and ours are now in processed in getting our residence card here. I am getting my car tomorrow – wooootsss..

As for now, we are still transit at the hotel apartment here. This is the one thing that still pending as I am still hunting for a house. This time around, I plan to find a good spacious house. I am targeting to move and settle down before Ramadhan.

I’ve viewed a few houses and still not found one that I like. Well.. hope later today or tomorrow, I’ll hook to one that I see! I hope all my plans progress well. The weather now too seems to be kind to us, it was not hot anymore like the first day we arrived.

I and my family are looking forward to our new journey and life chapter here. Till then cheers and I will update more!

p/s: the picture was taken before we departed, at our house in Shah Alam