Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My Not So Lucky Day

Today I went out as early as 6.45am to make a residence card. Today things had gone beyond my expectation. Betul2 mencabar... I thought we would just finish within an hour or two but it dragged till afternoon.

I went to the Royal Oman Police with my daughter and maid, brought by my hubby’s office PRO. First we went to the “Fingerprints Department”. The queued outside the building was like hell. We were lucky as there were not so many people for ladies. They have different sections for ladies and men – which was the best part! After taken number, we were called to take our fingerprints for each of our fingers. Yup.. one by one for all my 10 beautiful fingers.. hehehehhe..

Later then, we walked to the next building bringing the documents to make a residence card. At that time was 7.45am and the queue for taking number was very long until you could see people (mostly Indians and Philippines) stood outside as far as to the car park which probably about 400mtr.

Again, I was lucky as we are the “ladies”, the section was not too long. Anyhow.. the drama began when my number was called. When it came to my turn, I sat down waited for my photo to be taken, suddenly the computer hung! The officer tried a few times but failed. He then ushered me and others to another room which already crowded with other people.

The officer in that room was sooo garang! When he saw a group of us budged in there, he shouted to all of us to queue. He asked and checked for each of our ticket number so that we would queue according to the number. When he asked mine, I told him that my ticket has been taken by the officer from another room. He kept saying with a loud voice in front of my face which I couldn’t understand sepatah haram.. Luckily the PRO came to explain to him and he allowed me to queue in.. Huh.. masa tu rasa mcm nak sepak je muka dia!

All of us ladies in the room terus takut were quiet and waited patiently. I saw a few Indians in front of me sia2 je kena tengking because she couldn’t understand what he was talking about. Though I was totally pissed off with him, I was glad too for seeing an officer like him. A very strict, discipline and go by rules. As I saw and encountered before, a few just walked in and cut the queue.

Anyway, when it came to my turn to take photo, he asked me to take off my glasses and without any warning – that’s it my photo was snapped. Sumpah confirm muka buruk! OK.. done with this and we went to the “Receiving Card” department. We waited for our name to be called to collect the card.

Thru my experience during my stay last time, I waited probably about half an hour to collect the card. This time around was such a pain. There were so many people, too many people. I could see the other side where all the men, berhimpit mcm sardine. The officer called each name with a loud voice (no speaker) and if he is the person, he either has to put up his hand or answer by shouting YES. Then he has to struggle to walk in between stubborn people who names are not called yet to go to the front counter. Some of them even waited outside the building and I don’t know how they would hear their name.

Well.. that’s the men section. As for ladies, at first I sat down waited for the name to be called. There were already small crowd in front of the counter. I waited and looked at how this things work for about 10min. I told myself; by sitting here I would never get my card. I couldn’t hear clearly and I also saw some of them just passed the passport to get the card.

So if, you can’t beat the crowd.. join them! After an hour stood there my daughter’s name and maid were called. I was expecting mine to be next but none. I waited again.. and again.. STOOD there and felt a few times like vomiting and fainting. After one hour, my name was still not being called yet. I went to the officer (a few times begging) kept trying dgn muka seposen told him to look for my card.

The officer who gave the card to my daughter remembered us Malaysians and helped to find my card. After he couldn't find it, he asked me to go to the next room (computer room) to see the officer there. By the time I was in front of the door, dah kena halau. Damn.. masa tu mmg rasa nak nangis.. My PRO happened to see me talked and explained to that officer. At first he strictly didn’t allow me in but at last he did.

He took my passport and pass to the guy inside. Then still I waited for about half an hour until somebody attended to my passport. I was then told that my name was not in the system. Aduh.. I went back again to the room where I took photo just now and did all over again. At that time, the garang officer baik ah pulak.. helped me out with this.

After done with that, I took the passport and passed back to the officer in the room. Wallaaa.. after 10 min my name was called. Fuh... Today was just not my day. Banyak betul dugaan.. but at the end Alhamdulillah I got my residence card – of course with my ugly face muka terkejut!!

We walked out from the building at 11.30am and the queued was still long. I felt sorry for them as it was getting hotter. According to the PRO normally the crowd was not as bad as today. Well.. to me I just feel that they have to do something to improve the system.

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