Thursday, 29 November 2007

Spending Time Together

We had safely arrived in Muscat today at 9.00pm. First thing we headed to Turkish Restaurant – ‘Yahya’ to have our dinner, shawarma n chicken wings. The kids slept thru out the journey.

Yesterday morning we went to sight seeing n taking photos at Burj Al-Arab. It was so windy n breezy. Later on we went to Ibn Battuta Mall (adventurous journey though ). We spent there about two hours. After that we headed to Emirates Mall.

The kids couldn’t wait n so excited to go to Ski Dubai. Only Nadira, Nurul n Iman went inside since Nabila n Hakeem were not feeling very well. We had dinner to celebrate Nadira’s birthday that night. She was so happy, got lots of presents from all of us.

This morning we checked out early and headed to Dragon Mart. You can find almost everything there. All kind of products made in China. On the way back we stopped by at Hatta. What else? Quad bike in the desert n camel riding. My children just love it. We did have a good time in Dubai. We enjoyed our time spent together.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Happy Birthday - Nadira

Today is Nadira 13th birthday. She has just grown up fast. To me she is still like my baby. But that’s what she always hates when I say that. Looking at her now, I can’t believe that she is now a matured lady.

She has now turned to a beautiful girl who loves fashions, clothes n all the girlies stuffs. I n her has been thru a lot together in our life. I always pray n hope that she will be success in her future.

Mommy wish u a very happy birthday. I wish u all the happiness n joyous in your life. May Allah always protect n be with you. I always love you.

I am in Dubai

Deea, Nurul n Iman posing at the Naif Souq

We safely arrived at the Deebaj Al Khabisi Hotel Apartment, Dubai yesterday as scheduled – 1.00pm. Alhamdullilah we had no problems with the hotel arrangement. We finally managed to get n settled all the rooms by 3.30pm. At 4.00pm we were all heading to Naif Souq.

The weather was so nice. Hakeem had already asleep by the time we reached there. We spent there about 4 hours. While looking around, I had been approached by the guy from the shop asking whether I wanted to have a look at the designer handbags. He claimed that it’s a first copy n ‘number 1’ imitation.

Excitedly I, Lyn n all my daughters (off course escorted by hubby) went to this secret place – small store. The moment when we entered the room, nothing that we saw attracted us at the first sight. All the bags were a bit dusty n looked cheap. I can tell that our Petaling Street one is much much better.

Later on we strolled along the shops n souq. The girls went crazy over the bags which of course I had to make a tough bargaining. Anyway we did enjoy the shopping with a nice n cool weather.

We then proceed to Dhow Palace Hotel. Ms Faridah from Bernama invited all of us for dinner. The hotel has a Malaysian chef n we enjoyed the special food cooked by him. Lemak cili api ikan, kari daging n sambal belacan.. u can find this in Dubai!!

Finally we settled back at the hotel at 12.30 midnight. And today of course, we have long list of activities to do.

Monday, 26 November 2007

Cross My Fingers

Tomorrow will be a long holiday for Oman. National Day holiday. My family n two others family friends will be going to Dubai. When it is a long holiday almost everybody here going out to Dubai. There will be a long que at the immigration even from early in the morning. So we plan to depart from Muscat at 5.30am.

As usual stop for breakfast at Sohar. I had just finished doing all my cooking n packing stuffs. We actually made a last minute decision to go to Dubai. At this time it’s very hard to get a hotel. As there r a few major events n National Day for UAE as well. I’ve only started looking for the hotel last Saturday. We are grateful to get the hotel apartment. I did all the booking thru the Dubai’s agent that I got from the internet.

At first everything went fine as she said I can get 3 units apartment. We proceed for the payment n waited for the voucher to present to the hotel upon check-in. This morning when I contacted her asking for the voucher, she said the hotel that we paid declined to give us the room. She even suggested an alternative hotel at Sharjah.

I disagreed with the hotel at Sharjah n insisted for the reasons why all this happened after the payment has been made. They should honour the promise. After a few hours waiting I asked my hubby to call the agent. It’s better to get a man to talk. My hubby said to her that the hotel shouldn’t do this to us. He asked the agent to get the manager to talk to the hotel’s manager about this. If we still didn’t get the hotel, we’ll lodge complaints to the Dubai authority.

Guess what? After 10 minutes I got an email from the agent with the voucher. I still have worried about this. Anything can happen with thousand reasons from them. I don’t want to drive all the way from Muscat ending up with no place to sleep in Dubai.

But from our side, we had prepared all the copy of email n documentations. We even have the Ministry contact number n print out to show them in case they were trying to play funny with us. I do hope n pray that everything will be fine tomorrow. We will have safe journey n things will go smooth as planned.
p/s: So sad that Rohaya couldn't join us as Haji is still in Malaysia.

Evacuation Today

Today I am a leisure lady . After sending kids to school I n my friends had coffee n chatting at Starbucks. Me, Rohaya, Lyn n Zaireen. It seems that we have not met for ages coz there’s always lots of things n matter to talk about. After about 20 minutes there I received sms from my kid’s school (BSM) informing they r having an evacuation – please collect your children.

British School Muscat always practises an exercise of evacuation once a year. The school will normally inform us that it will be an evacuation from certain period of dates. I n most everbody suspected that today will be the day.

I had to leave my friends at 9.30 to collect my kids. The process went thru smoothly except I had to wait a bit longer as I had to take Laila, Nadia, Ben n Dina back home with me as well. Six of them squeezed in to the car.

While signing the collection slip, the teacher said – seat belt on kids!. Just imagine Nadira, Ben, Nadia, Dina n Nabila sitting behind n Laila sitting in front. Where can u put the seat belt on with 5 peoples sitting together behind? And the thoughtful Laila asked Nabila to come n sit in front with her. I have to speak in Malay to her – “nanti.. nanti.. jgn lah suruh Nabila duduk depan cikgu tu sekarang. Dah ah tadi dia suruh pakai tali pinggang heheheheh”

We left the school n dropped by at Hakeem’s school to take him n Haiqal back home as well. I don’t want to go out again at 12.00pm to take him from school. Another two more person squeezed in.. u can imagine it’s like tin sardin.. hehehehe

Luckily we drive Land Cruiser n it’s tinted – at least we r tin sardin jammed together in style.. hehehehe.. The kids were all so happy to be back early from school.

Now Nadira n Laila singing karaoke n later on I will take them out for lunch.. I am so lazy to cook today!

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Not Everyday is My Day

Early in the morning, my daughter- Nabila seems having a bad mood. She didn’t want to go to school. When asked why, she just said that she doesn’t want to go, that’s all. After 1 hour talking to her, I ended up letting her to stay at home. So I just sent Nadira to school n straight to my club.

I had never been so early to the club like today, I reached there at 7.15am. I normally go there at 7.50am. Today I finished at 8.15am. How I wish I can go earlier everyday. It’s so nice as there r not so many people at that time. I can even be home early n catch up with my house chores.

Nabila is still not in a good mood as she used to be when I got home. When I checked on her, she’s having a flu n mild fever. And u know what she told me – “see mommy, I told u.. that’s why I don’t have to go to school. I’m not feeling very well”. Hmm… she had a valid reason there..

Since I didn’t have to fetch Nabila at 12.30pm as usual, I decided to make a cake (kek lapis Sarawak) – kid’s favourite. Nurul n Iman were so excited to be involved in the whole process. So I let them run the show with a minimal guidance from me. Guess what? The cake didn’t turned up as what it’s supposed to be.

This was the first time I encountered this. I wonder what was wrong. Could it be they put the wrong measurement or maybe they had been stirring the mixture too long? I was so frustrated n not to mention both of them too, who were so eager to eat the cake. Actually I had already sensed something was not right from the first layer that we baked. But I just kept going on hoping that it will be fine.

Finally after the 5th layer, I decided to stop n threw everything in the bin. What a waste! Then I made them an apple pie. I told them, the next time let Mommy do it. You girls just eat.

This whole day, Nabila was so obsessed with her tent that she got for her birthday present. She eats her lunch in the tent n even sleeps in there. Initially the tent was in the living room on a bare cold floor. In order to avoid her sleeping on the cold floor, I had to transfer it to my room. Put it on the mattress.

And tonight she sounds asleep in her tent. Like a fairies. Hopefully when she wakes up tomorrow, she’ll be happy n cheerful.

Nabila in the tent - sleeping like a fairy

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Self Achievement

I’ve worked hard towards this. Even though I got hiccuped in between but I still keep doing it without complains. I know it will take time. I can’t get the result immediately. But I will never give up.

Lately I‘ve seen some changes. Oh.. I am so excited. Very thrilled. But I am so shy to tell other people. They might not see or look at it like I’ve seen it. I think even my hubby might not notice about this!

But it’s ok.. maybe this one I’ll just keep it to myself. Accomplishment that I am so really proud of. Sometimes we need to say n feel nice things about ourself to boost up our life. You possibly will seldom get phrase from others. No harm doing this. Phrase yourself n feel good about it.

And today.. I feel so happy. Even though I am still not reaching my target, at least this small change that I’ve got will make me more confidence n determine to do it. Malaysia Boleh n I know that I can too!

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Nabila's Princess Birthday Party

I had been very busy since yesterday. I was busy preparing for Nabila’s birthday party today. I cooked n made all the foods for her party. The part that I am happy n proud of myself. I even made the birthday cake for her – strawberry marble cheese cake.

Nabila is so happy today. She was looking forward for the party today. We made a kind of ‘Pink Princess’ party for her. She wanted all the girls to wear pink. So today, many turned out beautifully in pink including his dad n some of the boys too.

We even decorated some of the party stuffs in pink. The three sisters were so excited planned n prepared for the party. We had a few games n glad that all the kids enjoyed it.

Thank you so much for all the guests who turned up today especially all the kids. Nabila loves all the presents. Nabila says THANK YOU SO MUCH - SYUKRAN
Haiqal – I like the bag. I can put lots of things inside.
Dina, Misya, Ikhwan – I love strawberry shortcake!
Zaid – I am so excited with the tent.
Rasyad, Aleesya – Love the Crayola sets. I will be very busy after this.
Uncle Amin – Cool lunch bag n love the book.
Kak Deea – I got more playdough now! , Kak Nurul – Bratz baby is so cute.
Kak Iman – Love the Pony , Hakeem – I will sleep with the Pony u gave me every night

And most of all she loves the Doll House given by her dad. She kept pestering her dad to fix it the moment all the guests left. I gave her the Polly Pocket set.

She is so happy with her party today. The next one to come is Nadira…

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Red Arrows Show

In conjunction of Oman’s 37th National Day n (Nabila’s birthday) the government of Oman has proudly present the Aerobatic Show from the Red Arrows United Kingdom. The show started at 4.00pm. We reached at the Shatti Qurum at 3.30pm. The parking area had already full with cars.

While driving around looking for the parking, there was one car came out from the parking lot. I gave the signal to book for the space. But suddenly one car just simply went in to that space. Bloody hell!! I was so angry n pissed off.. I honked the car n the drivers just ignored it.

Huh.. I felt like to go out n punch their face!! Well.. this was not the first time I encountered this kind of scenario. Before this happened to my hubby when we were at MCC. I wonder what’s gonna happen if all these drivers did this in KL.. Siap kena parang lah!!

After that we managed to get a parking. Lucky to have the 4WD car. We just climbed up to the slope by the road side.

The shows then started with the formations like the Phoenix, the Diamond 9, the Palm Split, the Cyclone, the Typhoon, and the Vulcan. It was all been greeted by thunderous applause from the spectators. The whole sky came alive with a multitude of colours.

The magnificent show lasted in 23 minutes. There were so many people came to see the show. The road was jammed with cars on our way back home. We enjoyed the show especially Hakeem. Nabila seems not to care at all coz she was busy playing with the sands.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Happy Birthday Nabila

Nabila with her Omani's dress that she wore at school today

Special cupcake that I made for her birthday at school

Today is Nabila’s 5th Birthday. I still remember during the time when I was pregnant for her. I had a hard time at the beginning of my pregnancy. I don’t want to say this, but I almost lost her. I got bleeding during my third weeks of pregnancy. When I went for scanning, the doctor couldn’t tell whether my baby is in a good condition or not because she is still very small.

She gave me 10 days MC n asked me to strictly rest n come to see her after that n then only a decision can be made. I still had the bleeding intermittently. After 10 days when I see the doctor, she was surprised to see the heartbeat of the baby. I still remember she said, ‘Kalau Allah mahukan dia ada, maka adalah dia’. I n hubby were so happy at that moment.

From that on Nabila just grew healthy in my tummy with her mother who was just non-stop eating! Now she is 5 years old. Nabila has grown up to a beautiful, healthy n smart girl. Today she just celebrated her birthday at school. I made a special cupcake for her n friends. We plan to make her party this weekend.

Today is also Oman’s 37th National Day. We can see Omani’s flags all over the town to mark the celebration. No holiday today as the Sultan wants all the people in Oman to stay in the country to celebrate this historical day. The holiday will be forwarded to 27th – 28th Nov.

Later all of us will be going to see the Aerobatic Show at the Shatti Qurum Beach. Hakeem missed the previous one from France. We wanted him to see the British show this time as he loves aeroplane so much. My hubby’s office closes at 3pm today as everybody heading to see the show. I can foresee we’ll be stuck in the traffic before the show starts!

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Mutrah Souq

I have not been to Mutrah Souq for so long. The last time I went there was on June. We went there with Aiman (Malaysian’s student who did practical training in Muscat) to buy gifts for his family. Actually I love to go to Mutrah Souq looking at all the things there. You can find silvers, Omani handcrafts, Omani dress, scarfs n all kind of souvenirs from Oman.

We normally go there bringing friends who come for a visit to Oman. Today I have to make myself go there to buy the Omani dress for my daughter, Nabila. She has to wear the dress for the National Day tomorrow at school. Actually she already got one that she wore last year. My fault, I brought it back home to Malaysia during our recent holiday n left it there.

So now I have to get a new one. When I went to the souq today, there were full with tourist (English tourist). The moment I saw them, I knew that I will never get a good bargain for the dress. After went to five shops selling Omani dress with different kind of materials n of course different price range, I settled at the last shop.

This time I bought a different kind of material. They seems to enhanced the dress to make it look expensive n fashionable without eliminate the traditional part of course. It is so beautiful. Pink material colour with glittery beads n sequins in green n silver which represent the Oman's flag.

It’s not cheap though.. After a few bargained, the salesman seems not to care whether I want to buy or not. And I who was so desperately need it, had just to go for it. Huh.. My hubby will sure laugh at me. He knows better that I am very good at bargaining price. I can bargain n make the salesperson ‘melt’ n just go along with my price. But I guessed today is just not my day..

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Safely Arrived

The flight was scheduled to be arrived in Muscat at 4.00am today. At 3.30am, my hubby sms informed me that they landed at Al-Ain instead of Abu Dhabi airport due to the bad weather – very thick foggy. The flight has been rescheduled to 9.20am from Abu Dhabi n ETA to Muscat at 10.20am.

My kids were very upset when they got to know that. They were expecting their dad to be around when they woke up from sleep. I sent them to school n did all my routine activities as usual. At 9.45am my hubby sms me again said that don’t come to the airport until he call me. He doesn’t want me to wait at the airport for so long.

I waited until 10.45am. I felt worried n tried to call his hand phone but couldn’t get thru. I picked up Hakeem n Nabila from school earlier n straight went to the airport. There was no time of arrival on the board for my hubby’s flight from Abu Dhabi. We asked around but no one seems to know anything.

Finally my hubby called that they had landed n it was 12.10 at the time. I am glad that they have safely arrived. The delayed was actually because of the very thick foggy. When they were at Al-Ain, they were all actually sitting on the plane n waiting for the clearance to go to Abu Dhabi. They can't see anything at all. So they have to wait until the foggy had cleared

Nabila n Hakeem were so excited to see their Ayah, Kak Nurul n Kak Adik. And I am happy too, my hubby got all the things that I asked him to buy. Some of the things have to be left at Melaka (don want to excess baggage). Thanks to Boy for the CDs n my wonderful Mak for all the daun2.. n most of all.. the magazines (URTV, HAI, MANGGA, NONA, JELITA).. huh.. got lots of things to catch up there.. :)

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Happiest Day

Today is the happy n joyous day for us the whole family. My hubby is in Malaysia n just called saying that Nurul got 5A in her UPSR. Congratulations Nurul. Alhamdullilah..

I am truly grateful to Allah S.W.T for all the rezeki, happiness n success that we got all this while. Especially when it involves all our kids. I have six children. I love them all equally. It’s hard for me to tell it all here.

Even though we r all apart (for some reasons) but our hearts n bonding never ever faraway. Especially me with all my children. As time flies n they growing up, we know each other better. The love, trust n respect came naturally within us. We love n accept each other very well.

My hubby n I always tell n teach them that the family is very important in our life. Love n take care your sisters n brothers. As your parents getting older n might not be around anymore, u still have your siblings around. Never break the bonding between all of u.

It’s amazing sometimes when I look at them (even though we hardly have a chance to gather them all) playing, talking, hugging each other every time when they met. They are very sincere n so special. They r so special coz they learned n accepted maturely what they had face in their life.

Every parent in the world wants the best for their children. So do us. We try to provide everything that we can afford for their future. I always pray to Allah, give me a long life so that I can see all my kids especially my two little one grown up n can be on their own. But if one day I close my eyes before that, I will still be happy coz I trust all the other sisters will take a good care of them.

My hubby will be coming back on this Saturday with Nurul n Iman. We all r looking forward for them to be here especially Nadira (full of girl’s plans), Nabila n Hakeem who were non-stop talking about their sis coming over here. I will surely have lots of things to do in my hands. Cooking their favourite foods, shopping n the list goes on n on….

But on top of that, we r so happy for Nurul. I am so proud of her.

p/s: Congratulations to Ben , Muqni n Amirul for their achievement in UPSR as well.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

A Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed

As you’re getting older u find that a circle of your friends might not be the same as what u had during your teens days. Sometimes how I wish I could turn back the clock for a while, just to be with my friends that I had during those days. We were so happy n free. We can talk n do almost everything what we want to. We were very close, full with secrets n most important we treasure our friendship.

When now u have your own family life, friend falls to second in your life. But no matter what, you will still need friends around u. You’ll meet new friends with different characters n attitudes. You will get to know them n at the end to decide wether she is the kind of friend that u want.

A true friend is so hard to find. At my age now, I don’t need a friend who will stick with me all the time like during school days. I just need somebody, a friend who can understand n accept me as who I am. I sometimes need to turn to a friend that can listen to my problems n share the tears together. Somebody that u can hold on to n be trusted.

Once u have built up a good relationship together, the trust will come within it. You trust the person like u trusted your own self. I had been a victim of betrayal for so many times in my life. It was so hurt n painful. It hurts more when u have been betrayed by your own close friend. A friend that u trust so much. A friend n a person that u thought all the while won’t do anything to stab n hurt u.

Some people they just don’t treasure what they have. They love to ruin n destroy what they have. They like to burn the bridge that has been build n taken care well. There r still people out there that just cannot stand seeing others happy. The people who has jealousy n envy to rule their world.

Sometimes I just wonder what they get out of the damaged that they have done. Are they happy? Are they jumping overjoyed seeing others in pain? Are this all what u want? Please.. for a second. Look around n think for a moment why do u have to do all this? To hurt an innocent people?

Even though I have lost trust towards them, but I am still feel bless n grateful that I still do have ‘friends’, a true friends that I can still trust n rely on.

To my truly dearly friends, thank u so much for being with me. I will never forget n treasure what we have been thru together. You r one in a million.

Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they are there!"

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Silence is Golden

Sometimes it is best to just leave things unspoken. Even though deep inside u is swollen to let it out. To let it burst to satisfy yourself. But would that make any good to u? I hate with all the restrictions in life. Restriction n limitation that being created by the human being himself.

Limitations in a way that u have to be very careful of what u gonna say. To be sensitive with what other will thinks n believes. Are u willing to let it reside there in u for the sake of others? This is where the sacrification comes. To be deprived of anything against u for the happiness of others.

The truth is you will not be sincere to yourself anymore. The more u keep holding it, the more u will exaggerate what’s in your mind. U will keep thinking about it continuously till it hurts. Silence will kill u but in the other hand silence will also heal u.

It is just the mater of time. The matter of time n moment either it will explode or will just subside n to be forgotten. At this particular time, I have gone against my principal for not letting out what I want to say. Only God knows what’s inside me now.

I am battling with myself. Clashing with the other part of me who are crying to let it go.

Monday, 12 November 2007

A day at school

Today is an interesting day for me. In the morning I was at my daughter’s school – Nabila. She is in Reception class at British School of Muscat. I volunteered myself to assist the teacher in the class. Well.. not the ‘teaching’ part but assisting on observing the children on some activities.

I was so impressed with the way of the school’s approach n method in teaching. I was there during their first break time. All the kids including my daughter were so excited to see me there. They maybe has expecting me because the previous day was one of other children’s mom as well. When they see me, they were all saying ‘Hey.. that’s Nabila’s mom. Nabila.. look that’s your mom’.

My daughter smiled proudly. She knew that I was coming today n kept reminding me last night not to forget that I have to be at the school today. After the break n activities in the playground, we went inside the classroom. Miss Smales, the class’s teacher selected one of the children to be the ‘teacher’.

Miss Morven was selected n she asking the children to hold the card by positioning it in many different ways. Then she asked the children to hand over the card number accordingly. And Morven really did a good job as a ‘teacher’.

My function later on was to get a group of children (including Nabila) to arrange card number (1-20). Write down their achievement n then continued with colouring elephant’s picture. I gave stickers for all the children. They just love it.

I am enjoying myself at the school. Even though it was just for a while, I feel at least I’ve done something for the children. I don’t mind to be back again next week for the new task.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Within Myself

At last today I had managed to overcome myself with the usual uneasy feelings. I just walked away without feeling any guilty or conscious about the consequences. My heart felt free n serenity. I’ve known this person quite sometimes. I can say that we r quite close as a friend. We always talked about our kids, day to day life experience n sometimes share our problems together.

Until one day, she just changed. She is not the same person that I’ve known before. She does not smile to me anymore n sometimes avoiding me. We don’t talk like we used to talk. I talked n asked her what’s going on n she said it’s just her that maybe having kind of hormone changes n stages of life.

But it’s now almost a month already n she is still the same. Now that’s not the hormone kind of things that I foresee. She didn’t turn up to a few occasions that I organized. She didn’t even bother to call me later or even asking me the following day that we met. I still remember she said that she don’t have many friends n always being shunned by other group of people. She said she always feel comfortable with me n treasure our friendship.

I guessed she just forgot what she said. I can see she is now busy with her new circle of people that once had shunned her before. She’s always occupied with all their activities n occasions. I don’t feel resentful of her new circle life but I just can’t believe her sudden changed.

I have now stop thinking n worried with thousands of ‘why’, ‘maybe’, ‘what if’ possibilities that I might done n say something wrong to her. I don’t want to hurt myself anymore. If she can be insensitive n not bother about what’s going on between us, then I should better do the same too.

I have learned that in our life, we can’t just please everybody. We might be wrong n sometimes might be right. Either u like it or not, u just have to take it. I might be n might not be able to see the sun shine again tomorrow. Life is short n better make full use of it.

Be happy n get rid all the bad n negative thoughts. That’s what I always said to myself. People do change n it happened to be one of my friends. This morning I am a happy person coz when I looked at her ‘uninvited’ face, I don’t feel anything at all. I don’t feel bad n concerned like I used to be. Maybe she preferred me to be that way.

Life goes on n I don’t want to think about it anymore.

Friday, 9 November 2007


Today we had a hi-tea to welcome another two Malaysians family to Oman – Hj Amin n Raja. Hj Amin has been here quite sometime n just brought his family to stay here while Raja just arrived here 2 weeks ago. The event started at 3.45pm. One by one all the guests came (well actually the same usual colleagues). The guest of honour finally came at one hour later.

Everybody attacking him for his lateness, especially moms! We just love to make him feel guilty. After that everybody started eating n enjoying the food. Today I made mee kari, dadih n cheesecake. I’m always thankful to have my friends – Rohaya, Lyn, Zaireen n Oja who never turn up with their empty hands.

No matter what occasions that we made, all the moms will always busy preparing n trying their best to make dish n desert. Well actually this is the time we can show our skills.. :). We always say to each other that if we r in Malaysia, we will never want to do all this. Just imagine u can buy any kuih with 3 or 4 for RM1. Even if u want to order kuih in bulk it is still cheap compare with all the efforts n hard work that u have to do. To make traditional kuih require a lot of patience coz it’s sometime jadi n tak jadi!

When come to think about this, we glad that we learned n gained lots of skills n knowledge in cooking. Especially me.. I just love to explore n venture into a new recipe.

Last night we also gathered at the PDO hill to watch the fireworks. The kids just love watching it. Each time when the fireworks hit the sky they were screaming excitedly. The show last for ½ hour. After that all of us headed to our favourite ‘jalan-jalan cari makan’ place.. where else? It’s YAHYA.. the Turkish food with YAHYA around who always greet us ‘Selamat Kembali’ each time when we went to his place. Hj Zunaidi treated us last night for his triumph of getting his driving licence. Bravo!

p/s: Good luck to Rohaya for her 6th road test tomorrow. Hopefully she'll get thru it.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

My Pleasure

Every Thursday is normally my OFF day for cooking n being in the kitchen. I declared that for the right of the humanity! Ha ha ha.. nothing serious. It’s just that I would love to eat outside n spend time with my family. We would go to the only one ‘happening’ Mall in Muscat n sometimes strolling along the beach.

But today is different. After upon request from the man of the house who had ‘suffered’ himself of not eating rice n have luxury meal during weekdays.. :) I am back to my kitchen. I started with bihun goreng for breakfast. Masak lemak cili api ikan talang masin with nenas, daging masak kicap, peria taucu n not to forget petai. (don’t ask me where do I get the petai, but it’s still fresh n huge) Huh… sounds delicious ahh..

After lunch I was busy preparing desert to bring to our friend’s house – Oja. Tonight we r going to watch fireworks. Oman is approaching its National Day soon. That’s why they r having many kind of events for the people here. We will start having tea at her house n then going to the location (up on the hill) gather all of us, stand n look up to the sky with mouth open, admiring the fireworks. U can imagine it ahh..

So that’s the plan… Hope we will have a good time tonight.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

The Sixth Sense

Have it ever encounter in one of your days that u r so worried? I am a kind of person that sometimes likes to worry over a small little tiny thing. If I wake up one morning n my husband didn’t smile or talk to me as usual, I will start thinking what have I done wrong last night.

When I send my kids to school n my usual group of friends that used to talk n hang out together suddenly just turn her face or walk away from me… I will feel bad n begin thinking wether I have said or done something wrong to her.

When I have the worried ness feelings I will try to avoid of having the negative thoughts. Maybe the particular person woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Or may be he or she just have a bad day too.

Today I was worried about my dearest friend. After received the phone call from her husband asking her whereabouts, my thinking clock has started. I tried to call her hand phone a few times n she didn’t answer it too. After one hour waiting with still no news, my fear n worried getting stronger.

I just can’t wait. I tried not to think something bad might happen. I make myself busied. Oh.. God knows what I was thinking at that moment. Finally I got to know that she is safe n still in one piece!

After I started losing my Mom n one by one of my close friends, I feel so sensitive over hearing any unpleasant news. I just can’t face any more lost n sadness in my life. I love my family, relatives n special friends around me. Maybe I am just getting older..

Monday, 5 November 2007

Grateful n Blessing

I was touched n pleased to meet my daughter’s French teacher at the Parents Evening today. When we talked about my daughter, she was so concerned about her. I know that every teacher showed their concern n worried but this teacher was different. At the end of our conversation she touched my hand n said that she will treat n take care my daughter just like hers.

I’ve seen her several times but never talk n meet her personally like today. When she talked I can see the sincereness in her eyes. After I left her, I know why she’s so concern about my daughter. She has a special touch n feeling towards my daughter because she is a Muslim.

All this while I didn’t know that she’s a Muslim until one day she called me during recent Ramadhan. She called me because she was very upset of my daughter not submitted her homework. She said she understand if my daughter was tired because it was fasting month, because she herself was fasting n Muslim too. At that point I was so shocked n surprised.

And today when I met her, it answered everything. She said she doesn’t want to see Muslim especially woman being left out of place in the world. Muslim woman has to be very independent n not to depend too much on man. I know n notice that we Muslim will always have a special bonding to each other even though we’re strangers. Especially when u r at the place full with strangers n who majority are non-Muslim.

When the first time I was in Mecca, I saw thousands different kind of people with different kind of hair colour, skin n language. And all of them are Muslim with one religion – Islam. I was so proud n grateful at that moment to be born as Muslim.

And today I am so delighted n pleased that my daughter has a kind n thoughtful teacher. I told my daughter that she has to be very grateful n thankful to have her. Alhamdullilah…

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Be Yourself

When I was at the gym today, I had been approached by the lady instructor. Her name is Vicky n she’s Russian. She asked me the English word for certain part of the bodies. Then our conversation went on about ‘converse in English’. She recently had one month holiday back in her country. In Russian she only speaks her own language.

And now after a long holiday, she felt that she can hardly communicate with people. She felt shy n scared to converse in English. As a ‘concern human being’ I gave her some opinion n advice. It’s normal for everybody to be scared to speak the language which is not our mother tongue language. It will take some time for us to adapt with the surroundings n gain more confidents.

She asked me where I learn to speak English. Well.. I am not that super really good in English, but I guess I will survive if been thrown out in this English group of people. I told her that in our country, English is a compulsory subject in school. Almost everybody in Malaysia can speak good English. (I do feel proud when I told her this..)

It’s just us actually sometimes feel scared to speak especially in front of those white people. I faced that too when the first time I stood in front of them, all the sentences that I’ve memorized n practised goes haywire. All my past tense, present tense, and future present tense n whatever nods goes upside down!

So I told her, read dictionary. Yes.. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid n it worth all the efforts because without u realize u will memorize words. Don’t worry if we can’t speak like their accent. They even don’t care about it because they understand n knows that English is not our mother tongue language.

Even we Malaysian (Malay, Chinese, Indian) speak in our own style of English. I still remember when I send my daughter for registration at Taylors College; we had been briefed by one of the officer in charge. When she started to speak, I was laughing n realized that I’ve not heard this English speaking for so long. Maybe I’ve been away too long n been surrounding by British English. She spoke Chinese English (like Malaysian Chinese.. u know lah… if u lost the key ahh.. u have to pay ahh.. ) I told my daughter.. please don’t be influence by this ‘rojak’ accent. Just speak plain English.

The same thing goes when I first time talking to the Indian in Oman. They speak English like a bullet train. Not to mentioned the intonation in the curling part of their tongue. I couldn’t understand at all. But after awhile everybody here including Omani sometimes speaks like them. They don’t care at all the verbs or vocabs, as long as u understands what they want to say. 'This is too much expensive! After five minutes I come.'

Even though some nation try to deny n not to accept the English n stick to their mother tongue language, the fact is English is the world language. No harm learning other language because it might helps u. Practise makes perfect. Be yourself. That’s what I told the Russian lady. Even me, myself is still learning n practise it everyday.

Friday, 2 November 2007

Great Weekend

When comes to weekend, everybody here will be very excited. We started to asking each other (usual friends) what’s the plan n where to go. Today we had a picnic at Shatti Beach. The reasons why we had picnic today is because the whole Muscat will be entertained by ‘The Patrouille de France’.

It is also known as ‘The Cavaliers of The Sky’. This is an aerobatics show by a special team of pilots of the French Air Force. The show started at 3.30pm. We were there from 1.00pm after Friday Solat. We had our lunch – rice, chicken curry, mutton curry, sweet sour fish, vege, sambal belacan, rojak buah n lots of deserts n titbits. One thing I realized that every time when we were having outing, we will always make sure our food presentation is as good as we eat at home! Well done moms.. we did a good job!

While waiting for the show to start, kids were swimming n playing with sands. The weather now has started getting cooler. It’s very windy n breezy especially at the beach. We love the weather now. When the eight jet planes hit the sky above us, all of us were running towards the open area. Everybody busied taking photos n screaming amazingly. The jet planes flew at very high speed with just one-two metres between them. And they were just about 1,000 metres above sea level. We can see them clearly n sometimes feeling scared that they will hit us or each other!

They must be the best pilots with lots of experience. This aerobatics show needs a very good coordination n cooperation. We enjoyed n amazed ourself for 30 minutes by the great entertainment from French Air Force. There will be another aerobatic show by the British Air Force on 19th Nov (will sure be there!)

We did have a very good weekend. We will be looking forward for the next weekend with another activities..

p/s: I've never watch LIMA Langkawi show. I'll make sure to watch that when we go back to Malaysia.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

It's Party Time

My weekend is busy with my kid’s party. Yesterday Nabila had her school fancy dress party from 3.30pm – 5.00pm. She dressed in Minnie Mouse costume. Hakeem didn’t want to be left out too. I put him on with Superman costume. He was so happy n excited more than his sister. I heard Nabila said to her brother “Hakeem.. this is my party. My school’s party. You don’t have to be so excited!” But Hakeem just didn’t care about it. He seemed to be enjoying it too.

At 7.00pm we had another birthday party. Aleesha’s 2nd birthday n it was a fancy dress party too. Nabila n Hakeem looked very tired but they didn’t want to miss it. Nabila was a fairy princess angel n Hakeem as a superhero strong man (I guess it’s one of wrestling character). All the kids were having fun n enjoyed the great party. At the same time around our friend’s neighbourhood (PDO camp) we saw many kids went from house to house for ‘trick n treat’. It’s Halloween night actually.

Today Nabila went to another birthday party. Four of her classmates celebrated the birthday today. She is a princess pinky fairy today. This time she had to leave Hakeem behind. She had a great time at the party. She won a lot of prizes for the games.

And for Nadira, she also had a party with her friends last night n today is Aida’s birthday party at the Ice Skating Centre. Ohh… what a day. Now all of them had passed out.. exhausted n having their sweet dreams at the moment.