Sunday, 27 July 2014

Esok BELUM Raya

Penyimpan mohor besar Oman baru saja membuat pengumuman - anak bulan tidak kelihatan dan maka itu esok kami di sini masih lagi berpuasa dan esok juga bermakna BELUM raya!

While friends and relatives back in Malaysia are busy cooking, kemas mengemas or doing last minute shopping for Raya, we, over here having our last tarawekh tonight. This year I am celebrating Eid in Oman. 

This is my second time celebrating Eid in Oman. We came here three years ago a week before Ramadhan. Even during our 'first session' stay in Oman, we go back every year to Malaysia to celebrate Eid.

This year, I and hubby decided just to stay here as four of our elder daughters celebrating Eid at their place (Tasmania, Wellington and Washington). Furthermore I have my mother in-law joining us since mid Ramadhan.

At first I thought I will be fine with all this plan but I was wrong. I don't know why.. but since a week ago I've already feeling sad. Yesterday was even worst when all my daughters started sending their Raya wishes. I felt terribly down. 

All I was thinking that what will they do and eat on the first day of Eid. They celebrate their Eid tomorrow, Monday. One has to work and the other have classes as normal. As a mother, I always worried of their well-being. Worried whether they are safe there and also worried whether they are eating well or not. Every time when I cook, I always remember them especially if it is their favourite dish or food. 

Hmm.. ni baru anak2 belajar jauh… kalau dah khawin dan ada keluarga sendiri? I hope they will still find their way back home to visit me.. :) 

Sometimes I feel that the up and down feelings that I have is because I am now probably getting older (ayat-ayat skema orang tua selalu cakap kan..). I sometimes tend to be over sensitive if my children say or do something that make me kind of nothing and not important to them. Well.. probably to them it is nothing or normal, but to me it is probably something that could deeply hurt my feelings.

OK.. no more sad story here.. I just pray that wherever my children are and whatever they do, Allah will always protect them. 

To all my relatives and friends who celebrate Eid tomorrow, Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Dzahir Batin. Wishing all of you a blessed Eid. 

As to us here in Oman.. one more day to go!


Saturday, 26 July 2014

Here I Go Again..

Here I go… Sitting in front of my laptop, blogging again. Yeah.. hoping that people will still reading it.. my dearest followers are still aware that this infamous blog is still exist! It has been like around seven months that I've neglected my blog.

You might wonder what make me suddenly pop up now right? Every single night while waiting for myself to doze off, as usual my mind will always keep playing all the incidents, plans, memories like a movie in my head. I always plan to blog those and share it here.

But…. the next day when I woke up, I either forget about it or just lazy to do it. Owh.. what a shame..

I don't want to make any promises (as I always do every time I continue blogging after M.I.A for so long).. but Insyaalah. I think I have got back on track.

I feel that I need to write and blog again because there are things or feelings that sometimes better to pour it out thru blogging or writing.

Till then.. cheers and have a nice day.