Sunday, 30 January 2011


God.. I love holidays and I guess everybody love it! My children have a week school break and it means I am off from sending and pick them up to school. No rushing in the morning and I can have my leisure time and do lots of things.

Actually I planned to go to Oman visiting hubby. When comes to think of it, one week is such a short trip for us especially for the children who have to endure the time different. So tak jadi ah gi.. Just lepak at home or probably go to the nearby area.

My aunty from Batu Pahat was here a few days ago. So the agenda was cooking and jalan2.. Yesterday we went for kenduri kahwin and today we cooked special meal as I have my nephew and niece around. Meriah rumah ni..

Last night Faizah went back to Australia. We sent her off to the airport. She has safely arrived in Melbourne and currently is waiting for the connecting flight to Tasmania. Take care Faizah and we’ll see you soon..

Well.. I have a week to go. I am planning to do something with the kids. Don’t know what but probably something new..

Monday, 24 January 2011

Park Hopping

Well… here I am with my new activity. Park hopping.. I and my friend started ventured this a week ago. We were looking for an area or park where we can jog safely somewhere in Putrajaya. Yeah.. jogging k.. J.

There are lots of parks here in Putrajaya. It’s just that I and even my friend who live here never been to any of this park. On our first day we went to Botanical Garden. This is a very beautiful park. It’s very green with loads of tall trees. I like this park as it is very huge and the pathway are quite thrill. Memang banyak jalan2 kena panjat bukit..

Beside that the scenery is also beautiful. Kalau buat filem Hindustan memang best.. Golek2 ah dari satu bukit ke bukit.. Only one thing that stops us from going here again is because we don’t really feel quite safe. In the morning there are many workers especially bangla duk potong rumput and do some gardening. It was quite scary for us girls actually.. Duk usha2 je kita orang.. hehehehhe…

On our second day we went to Putra Perdana Park. This I would recommend to everybody. It’s a nice park with beautiful scenery of the buildings and mosque around the area. Though the pathway is not that thrill as Botanical garden, still I like this place. We feel safe here as the park is quite open and we don’t mind even if one of us were to come here alone.

Since that day, this is our place. We come here at least three days a week after sending kids to school. Again.. I hope our semangat terus kental untuk meneruskan perjuangan ini… Go Go..

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Soto Today

Today I cooked soto. Yeah.. anak2 request nak makan macam2 ni.. I made extra and invited my friends – Linda, Rozie for lunch. Nadira is having her mock exam and had no paper for today. We then decided to overnight here at our istana hinggap since yesterday.

In the morning Nabila, Hakeem had her Fun Run day which they will try to run as many laps they can for charity. Hakeem managed to run five laps. He came back proudly told me that five laps is equal to 2000m. Wow.. Hakeem.. Mommy is so proud of you.

This fun run charity was organized by Year 3 which is Nabila’s class. Nabila was acting as the organizer and motivated the participants. Both of them came back sweating and looked very tired. And the soto which is their favorite made their day. Berpinggan tambah..

Tomorrow is a public holiday which I only realized it only just now.. Yes! One day break for me and now thinking whether should we go back to Shah Alam today or tomorrow…

Monday, 17 January 2011

When You're Gone

I am sitting here alone missing and thinking of my mom. How now things are so different when I don’t have a mother. Each time when my parents came down to KL, they will sleep over at my house. My mom would bring all the food stocks to fill up my fridge. The foods were always on the table and I would call my brothers to gather around enjoyed my mom’s cook.

My mom and I shared the same passion – shopping and jalan2! We would love to go around looking things marching from one place to others. Her favorite spot was Jalan TAR. We could just spent there the whole day wondered around.

The moment that I really felt the lost was during my confinement for Nabila. I was 7 months pregnant when my mom passed away. I cried for weeks thinking of her. She repeatedly told me that she would go to Miri and took care of me when I give birth. Honestly I didn’t know what to do. We were far away from relatives and it’s just me and hubby.

Somehow we just learned and managed did it all (in our own way) and I was grateful that I have good Mak Bidan there. Things were so difficult for me. I need somebody to refer to, to ask to but the only guidance that I have is no longer in my life.

My mom was also a good cook. This is the most things that I miss. Each of us in the family has our favorite food. If all of us balik kampung my mom would cook our favorites’. I too always have secrets things to share with my mom. Secrets that sometimes we hide from my dad!

My mom was also a generous person. She would never forget to buy things for all of us in the family especially me! I always got surprise gifts from my mom not just on special occasion but almost every month.

God.. how I miss my mom so much. Telling all these just made me cried. If I were to lists down, there were so many things.. so many.. endlessly stories about my beloved mom.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

When Good Things Happen

Yeah.. when something good happen to us, we will be happy. That’s what happens to me today. I started my morning with half hour walk around my house. Yes… after probably 5-6 months not doing any single exercise that could make me sweat, here I am back again.. Anyway this was only my first day after a long break. Too early to predict what’s going to happen next. But with a full determination, I hope that it will last long.

I guess the sweat had boost my happy hormones and I was in a good mood in doing almost everything today. I went out did some groceries as Nabila requested Nasi Briyani for lunch. Then in the evening I baked buns. Yes.. sweet buns. This was the very good thing that happened in my life!

I have failed a several times making bread or buns. I always want to try again but always hesitate until I saw this recipe. Thanks to Rina for the inspiration. You betul2 mencabar I.. Hihihihiihi.. And guess what… YES.. finally my buns menjadi!!

Never in my life am I this excited. I stood in front of the oven for half hour just to see whether the buns going to rise. Earlier while waiting for the dough to rise, I on and off check on it and at the end just sat in front of it. I was so nervous at the beginning. Afraid the buns will fail and keras mcm batu.

But thank God.. I did it.. When I took the tray out from the oven I could smell the honey and there - my beautiful gorgeous buns.. My children tetiba like macam tak pernah makan roti.. pulun habis.. The best thing is the buns are still soft even it’s cold. Part ni mmg I salute kat u Rin.. hihihiihihihi..

Here I am.. happy, happy and happy.. J

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Feeling Blue

I hate to be sick. I am saying this as currently I am not feeling well – flu, cold and body aching. Nabila had fever after three days school started. She skipped school for two days. I was afraid Hakeem will get it too as he had his birthday party on Sunday. He was fine until Monday afternoon. He came back from school with a very high temperature.

I got migraine since last night and this morning I woke up with a very heavy head and cold. I wish I could just stay on the bed. I’ve already taken a medicine but I still feel cold and weak. Gosh.. I don’t like it and am fighting it.

Both of my little kids had fully recovered and I hope that they won’t catch the fever from me again. I still have to continue my routine and errand as usual. No backup for me!

What I need now is a bowl of hot mushroom soup with garlic bread! And also hubby…. S.O.S

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Baby Karlif Azra

Yesterday I went to visit my girl friend – Noorul who just gave birth to a cute baby boy – Karlif Azra 3 weeks ago. I went with my other friend, Nadia. We arrived in the morning and were there about couple hours updating all the juicy stories.. :D

The baby Karlif is sooo beautiful and cute. Ishh… bestnye ada baby… The mom pun dah slim.. and sihat.. Noorul has another two weeks to end her confinement.

Anyway congratulations Noorul and hope to see u back with us – coffee morning and shopping!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Hakeem's 7th Birthday Party

Today is Hakeem’s birthday party. It was held at Megakidz, Mid Valley Mall. I never organized any birthday party inviting his classmates. His birthday always falls during school holiday. So this year I decided to do it since this will be his last year with his buddies at the school.

The party started at 10.30am. Hakeem the birthday boy woke up early this morning as he was very excited and really looking forward for this party. Most of his friends attended including the cousins. For the first hour the kids were enjoying themselves playing at the play area before they were called to the party room.

We started with the eating session and follow up by the performance from the magician. The kids loved the show so much that they laughed and participated sportingly. The party ended at 12.30 and some of the children still continued playing at the play area.

Hakeem is the happiest boy today. He got lots of presents and would be able to spend his time with his friends and cousins. Thank you so much for those who attended and the lovely gifts too.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Back To Routine

Here I go back to my busy routine. Just like other moms Monday was the first day of my kid’s school for the new term. We were back 5 days before the school started and they had recovered the jet lag very well. On the first day as usual nak bangun pagi agak lembab sikit semua.. Drama in the morning but when they reached school all of them was happy to see their friends.

One thing that I was worried when I left home for so long was my car. I was afraid that the car couldn’t be started but Alhamdullilah.. I had no problem. Yesterday I went to the petrol station to pump tires as I noticed it was bit flat.

While I was busying doing it, there was one car parked beside me. The husband took out the spare tire from the boot and was mumbling something to his wife which I didn’t hear and care at all. After few minutes I could hear their conversation getting louder as it was quite loud and clears (tiada niat nak nyebuk k…).

The husband was scolding his wife for not pumping the tires till it got totally flat. He said “tau bawa keta je.. pam tayar taknak. Nasib baik kau ada laki. Laki kau ni ada” “Ni nasib baik kat rumah kena. Kalau kena kat tgh2 jalan mcm mana? Tak ke nyusahkan org” That made me turned and looked at both of them – just a quick glance. The wife just kept quiet but I could see her face turned red probably malu and bengang kena sound depan orang.

At that point I haven’t finish yet with my car’s tire. I didn’t know what her husband’s motive for saying out loud. Probably wanted to give a lesson and hinted his wife that I as a lady could pump tires by myself.

Hellooo… if my hubby is around, I would never want to dirty my hand to do all this. Even when he is around tetiba I tak tau nak isi minyak kereta! When I drove off from the petrol station terngiang2 cara dia sound his wife. If my husband were to do like that alamatnya mogok lah I!! But frankly.. memang keji jantan tu! That spoiled my mood on that morning.

Anyway today I received my kids’ last term report and it made my day. Excellent and well done kids.

Sunday, 2 January 2011



Perhaps it is not fair for me to compare these two films – the Indian and Malaysian films. But I just cannot help it that I just want to rumble about this. I was by accident happened to watch this box office Tamil film SIVAJI THE BOSS on Astro Fiesta channel. The first time I watched it was already half of the story and I repeated it again the next day from the beginning.

Frankly I didn’t know that this movie hit the cinema all over the world until I did some research. It was released in 2007. The story was about a software engineer who returns to India to invest all his money in service for his country – (building a free medical college and free hospital) but he encounters several obstacles from politicians. This is a typical Indian movie or film where there is always one person in the country trying doing his good deeds.

The hero of the film is Rajnikant. If the name is so unfamiliar to you, please Google. Rajnikant is a superstar of South Indian Tamil cinema. He has more than 50,000 fan clubs. His movies are awaited eagerly and released with festivities and gala fair. He is a typical aging superstar of India – dancing and fighting!

Almost three hours watching the movie, I totally enjoyed it. The movie was so entertaining that even my kids enjoyed it. Despite the so k****g and unrealistic actions like flicking coins, bouncing chewing gum around, and swapping guns from hand to hand whilst flying through the air plus the sound effects - who cares? That are the trademarks of Hindi movies.

Come on.. not even one in the movies that we watch even Hollywood blockbusters are that ‘real’. In the film or movie, it is suppose to be dramatic, exaggerative and sometimes bullshit. As for me, I want to have an unstressed moments and takyah pening2 kepala to enjoy the film.

Last night as exciting I was, watching Sivaji The Boss, I was also eager to watch Magika film. It was shown on Astro Box Office channel. This is a musical, fantasy, adventure film by the three brothers, KRU. It was released in 2010. The film was about two siblings lost in another dimension called Magika. They had to endure various types of challenges and obstacles in the Magika world.

There were famous heroes and myths like Badang, Dragon of Tasik Cini, Nenek Kebayan, Puteri Bunian, Pak Pandir and lots more. The irony of it, all these characters actually sing in their conversation with each other! Bab ni yang tak tahan…

Not all the actors and actress in this film is actually a singer. Sadly the heroin, Diana Danniel sungguh sumbang suaranya. Even my kids curiously wondered why do they have to sing in order to talk to each other? Ok.. excuse me here, this is a musical film and I have to understand that!

But it is a boring musical film. I was half way dozed off while watching it. It’s not like The Camp Rock or High School Musical that made all the teenagers jumped. This film also featured all the famous celebrities in Malaysia but still…..

Anyway one thing that undeniable is the beautiful lush green area that shown in this film. This film is far better than Cicakman or Duyung. Though this film didn’t really entertain me but knowing the fact every new film by KRU will always has something new elements, I don’t mind going for it. Hey.. I am still one of those yang menyokong industry filem melayu!

This film has also won a few categories in recent Malaysian Film Festival. The MAGIKA film collection was RM3M which was not bad. BUT… surprise surprise.. SIVAJI THE BOSS was RM8M – this was only in Malaysia.Within its first 2 weeks the film already collected more than USD 25 million in India. In UK too it raked above – Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Oceans' 13 etc.

I took this from one of Indian’s film critics – “In India we do not require – Superman, Batman, Spiderman – we have our Rajniman.” In Malaysia too we do not require Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Anniston and more because there is always one trying hard to be like them.

I will end up with the catch-line spoken by Sivaji – Cool

Disclaimer: I am not associated with any of the film mentioned above. This is just my opinions and I don’t get any single cents (which I wish…) from writing this.