Monday, 24 January 2011

Park Hopping

Well… here I am with my new activity. Park hopping.. I and my friend started ventured this a week ago. We were looking for an area or park where we can jog safely somewhere in Putrajaya. Yeah.. jogging k.. J.

There are lots of parks here in Putrajaya. It’s just that I and even my friend who live here never been to any of this park. On our first day we went to Botanical Garden. This is a very beautiful park. It’s very green with loads of tall trees. I like this park as it is very huge and the pathway are quite thrill. Memang banyak jalan2 kena panjat bukit..

Beside that the scenery is also beautiful. Kalau buat filem Hindustan memang best.. Golek2 ah dari satu bukit ke bukit.. Only one thing that stops us from going here again is because we don’t really feel quite safe. In the morning there are many workers especially bangla duk potong rumput and do some gardening. It was quite scary for us girls actually.. Duk usha2 je kita orang.. hehehehhe…

On our second day we went to Putra Perdana Park. This I would recommend to everybody. It’s a nice park with beautiful scenery of the buildings and mosque around the area. Though the pathway is not that thrill as Botanical garden, still I like this place. We feel safe here as the park is quite open and we don’t mind even if one of us were to come here alone.

Since that day, this is our place. We come here at least three days a week after sending kids to school. Again.. I hope our semangat terus kental untuk meneruskan perjuangan ini… Go Go..

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