Monday, 17 January 2011

When You're Gone

I am sitting here alone missing and thinking of my mom. How now things are so different when I don’t have a mother. Each time when my parents came down to KL, they will sleep over at my house. My mom would bring all the food stocks to fill up my fridge. The foods were always on the table and I would call my brothers to gather around enjoyed my mom’s cook.

My mom and I shared the same passion – shopping and jalan2! We would love to go around looking things marching from one place to others. Her favorite spot was Jalan TAR. We could just spent there the whole day wondered around.

The moment that I really felt the lost was during my confinement for Nabila. I was 7 months pregnant when my mom passed away. I cried for weeks thinking of her. She repeatedly told me that she would go to Miri and took care of me when I give birth. Honestly I didn’t know what to do. We were far away from relatives and it’s just me and hubby.

Somehow we just learned and managed did it all (in our own way) and I was grateful that I have good Mak Bidan there. Things were so difficult for me. I need somebody to refer to, to ask to but the only guidance that I have is no longer in my life.

My mom was also a good cook. This is the most things that I miss. Each of us in the family has our favorite food. If all of us balik kampung my mom would cook our favorites’. I too always have secrets things to share with my mom. Secrets that sometimes we hide from my dad!

My mom was also a generous person. She would never forget to buy things for all of us in the family especially me! I always got surprise gifts from my mom not just on special occasion but almost every month.

God.. how I miss my mom so much. Telling all these just made me cried. If I were to lists down, there were so many things.. so many.. endlessly stories about my beloved mom.

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double A said...

i know :( indeed the most beautiful person on earth is going to be our parents ! they made us today, they pattern us with knowledge , spirits and emotions :p we are lucky ! we are so lucky that we are brought up by parents that value love, family and anything anyone would ever asked ! we will always remember mak andak ! Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat :) and kak long you are one superb mother too ! i bet your children must be proud of you too. one day when they are matured enough, you'll see them cherishing you. InsyaAllah ;) and on top of that ! you are a great cousin, and i believe no other cousins would have treated me the way you do. you are not just my cousin, but a sister, a bestfriend and somehow , you do take good care of me when i needed you just like mother always does. and summing up everything. i owe you much ! May Allah bless you, abg zul and the kids. may your kindness be repayed :)