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Perhaps it is not fair for me to compare these two films – the Indian and Malaysian films. But I just cannot help it that I just want to rumble about this. I was by accident happened to watch this box office Tamil film SIVAJI THE BOSS on Astro Fiesta channel. The first time I watched it was already half of the story and I repeated it again the next day from the beginning.

Frankly I didn’t know that this movie hit the cinema all over the world until I did some research. It was released in 2007. The story was about a software engineer who returns to India to invest all his money in service for his country – (building a free medical college and free hospital) but he encounters several obstacles from politicians. This is a typical Indian movie or film where there is always one person in the country trying doing his good deeds.

The hero of the film is Rajnikant. If the name is so unfamiliar to you, please Google. Rajnikant is a superstar of South Indian Tamil cinema. He has more than 50,000 fan clubs. His movies are awaited eagerly and released with festivities and gala fair. He is a typical aging superstar of India – dancing and fighting!

Almost three hours watching the movie, I totally enjoyed it. The movie was so entertaining that even my kids enjoyed it. Despite the so k****g and unrealistic actions like flicking coins, bouncing chewing gum around, and swapping guns from hand to hand whilst flying through the air plus the sound effects - who cares? That are the trademarks of Hindi movies.

Come on.. not even one in the movies that we watch even Hollywood blockbusters are that ‘real’. In the film or movie, it is suppose to be dramatic, exaggerative and sometimes bullshit. As for me, I want to have an unstressed moments and takyah pening2 kepala to enjoy the film.

Last night as exciting I was, watching Sivaji The Boss, I was also eager to watch Magika film. It was shown on Astro Box Office channel. This is a musical, fantasy, adventure film by the three brothers, KRU. It was released in 2010. The film was about two siblings lost in another dimension called Magika. They had to endure various types of challenges and obstacles in the Magika world.

There were famous heroes and myths like Badang, Dragon of Tasik Cini, Nenek Kebayan, Puteri Bunian, Pak Pandir and lots more. The irony of it, all these characters actually sing in their conversation with each other! Bab ni yang tak tahan…

Not all the actors and actress in this film is actually a singer. Sadly the heroin, Diana Danniel sungguh sumbang suaranya. Even my kids curiously wondered why do they have to sing in order to talk to each other? Ok.. excuse me here, this is a musical film and I have to understand that!

But it is a boring musical film. I was half way dozed off while watching it. It’s not like The Camp Rock or High School Musical that made all the teenagers jumped. This film also featured all the famous celebrities in Malaysia but still…..

Anyway one thing that undeniable is the beautiful lush green area that shown in this film. This film is far better than Cicakman or Duyung. Though this film didn’t really entertain me but knowing the fact every new film by KRU will always has something new elements, I don’t mind going for it. Hey.. I am still one of those yang menyokong industry filem melayu!

This film has also won a few categories in recent Malaysian Film Festival. The MAGIKA film collection was RM3M which was not bad. BUT… surprise surprise.. SIVAJI THE BOSS was RM8M – this was only in Malaysia.Within its first 2 weeks the film already collected more than USD 25 million in India. In UK too it raked above – Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Oceans' 13 etc.

I took this from one of Indian’s film critics – “In India we do not require – Superman, Batman, Spiderman – we have our Rajniman.” In Malaysia too we do not require Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Anniston and more because there is always one trying hard to be like them.

I will end up with the catch-line spoken by Sivaji – Cool

Disclaimer: I am not associated with any of the film mentioned above. This is just my opinions and I don’t get any single cents (which I wish…) from writing this.

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Anonymous said...

mana ada orang boleh tangkap peluru orang tembak guna gigi...sivaji aje boleh buat camtu.

tu yang tak tahan tu..

filem melayu... me'layu' aje la..