Saturday, 15 January 2011

When Good Things Happen

Yeah.. when something good happen to us, we will be happy. That’s what happens to me today. I started my morning with half hour walk around my house. Yes… after probably 5-6 months not doing any single exercise that could make me sweat, here I am back again.. Anyway this was only my first day after a long break. Too early to predict what’s going to happen next. But with a full determination, I hope that it will last long.

I guess the sweat had boost my happy hormones and I was in a good mood in doing almost everything today. I went out did some groceries as Nabila requested Nasi Briyani for lunch. Then in the evening I baked buns. Yes.. sweet buns. This was the very good thing that happened in my life!

I have failed a several times making bread or buns. I always want to try again but always hesitate until I saw this recipe. Thanks to Rina for the inspiration. You betul2 mencabar I.. Hihihihiihi.. And guess what… YES.. finally my buns menjadi!!

Never in my life am I this excited. I stood in front of the oven for half hour just to see whether the buns going to rise. Earlier while waiting for the dough to rise, I on and off check on it and at the end just sat in front of it. I was so nervous at the beginning. Afraid the buns will fail and keras mcm batu.

But thank God.. I did it.. When I took the tray out from the oven I could smell the honey and there - my beautiful gorgeous buns.. My children tetiba like macam tak pernah makan roti.. pulun habis.. The best thing is the buns are still soft even it’s cold. Part ni mmg I salute kat u Rin.. hihihiihihihi..

Here I am.. happy, happy and happy.. J


Anonymous said...

wow bravo dear ..


Rina NAR said...

kakkkk intannnn ...ges what my blog had this 'technical' problem (3wks ago), tetiba all the bloggers links went missing. i kena add i thot i dah add balik semua, tetiba i terpikir, eh y kak intan lama tak update blog, rupa2nya..i forgot to add yours and d best part i forgot you blog add. Kenala carik balik kat comments *haih* anyway, congrats on the bunsss,caiyok! kan boleh buat buns sendiri, i cant tahan gelak ur comments 'stood in front of the oven' tuh funny hahah..ada lagi recipe i baru update nnt bila2 free boleh try yg tu plak :)