Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Soto Today

Today I cooked soto. Yeah.. anak2 request nak makan macam2 ni.. I made extra and invited my friends – Linda, Rozie for lunch. Nadira is having her mock exam and had no paper for today. We then decided to overnight here at our istana hinggap since yesterday.

In the morning Nabila, Hakeem had her Fun Run day which they will try to run as many laps they can for charity. Hakeem managed to run five laps. He came back proudly told me that five laps is equal to 2000m. Wow.. Hakeem.. Mommy is so proud of you.

This fun run charity was organized by Year 3 which is Nabila’s class. Nabila was acting as the organizer and motivated the participants. Both of them came back sweating and looked very tired. And the soto which is their favorite made their day. Berpinggan tambah..

Tomorrow is a public holiday which I only realized it only just now.. Yes! One day break for me and now thinking whether should we go back to Shah Alam today or tomorrow…

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