Sunday, 30 January 2011


God.. I love holidays and I guess everybody love it! My children have a week school break and it means I am off from sending and pick them up to school. No rushing in the morning and I can have my leisure time and do lots of things.

Actually I planned to go to Oman visiting hubby. When comes to think of it, one week is such a short trip for us especially for the children who have to endure the time different. So tak jadi ah gi.. Just lepak at home or probably go to the nearby area.

My aunty from Batu Pahat was here a few days ago. So the agenda was cooking and jalan2.. Yesterday we went for kenduri kahwin and today we cooked special meal as I have my nephew and niece around. Meriah rumah ni..

Last night Faizah went back to Australia. We sent her off to the airport. She has safely arrived in Melbourne and currently is waiting for the connecting flight to Tasmania. Take care Faizah and we’ll see you soon..

Well.. I have a week to go. I am planning to do something with the kids. Don’t know what but probably something new..

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