Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Back To Routine

Here I go back to my busy routine. Just like other moms Monday was the first day of my kid’s school for the new term. We were back 5 days before the school started and they had recovered the jet lag very well. On the first day as usual nak bangun pagi agak lembab sikit semua.. Drama in the morning but when they reached school all of them was happy to see their friends.

One thing that I was worried when I left home for so long was my car. I was afraid that the car couldn’t be started but Alhamdullilah.. I had no problem. Yesterday I went to the petrol station to pump tires as I noticed it was bit flat.

While I was busying doing it, there was one car parked beside me. The husband took out the spare tire from the boot and was mumbling something to his wife which I didn’t hear and care at all. After few minutes I could hear their conversation getting louder as it was quite loud and clears (tiada niat nak nyebuk k…).

The husband was scolding his wife for not pumping the tires till it got totally flat. He said “tau bawa keta je.. pam tayar taknak. Nasib baik kau ada laki. Laki kau ni ada” “Ni nasib baik kat rumah kena. Kalau kena kat tgh2 jalan mcm mana? Tak ke nyusahkan org” That made me turned and looked at both of them – just a quick glance. The wife just kept quiet but I could see her face turned red probably malu and bengang kena sound depan orang.

At that point I haven’t finish yet with my car’s tire. I didn’t know what her husband’s motive for saying out loud. Probably wanted to give a lesson and hinted his wife that I as a lady could pump tires by myself.

Hellooo… if my hubby is around, I would never want to dirty my hand to do all this. Even when he is around tetiba I tak tau nak isi minyak kereta! When I drove off from the petrol station terngiang2 cara dia sound his wife. If my husband were to do like that alamatnya mogok lah I!! But frankly.. memang keji jantan tu! That spoiled my mood on that morning.

Anyway today I received my kids’ last term report and it made my day. Excellent and well done kids.

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