Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Feeling Blue

I hate to be sick. I am saying this as currently I am not feeling well – flu, cold and body aching. Nabila had fever after three days school started. She skipped school for two days. I was afraid Hakeem will get it too as he had his birthday party on Sunday. He was fine until Monday afternoon. He came back from school with a very high temperature.

I got migraine since last night and this morning I woke up with a very heavy head and cold. I wish I could just stay on the bed. I’ve already taken a medicine but I still feel cold and weak. Gosh.. I don’t like it and am fighting it.

Both of my little kids had fully recovered and I hope that they won’t catch the fever from me again. I still have to continue my routine and errand as usual. No backup for me!

What I need now is a bowl of hot mushroom soup with garlic bread! And also hubby…. S.O.S

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