Saturday, 14 March 2009

Restoran CHENG HO (AMY SEARCH) will it be my last trip?

After Zoo Negara, at first we planned to have lunch at Sate Kajang Hj Samuri. While we were on the way there I suddenly remembered about Amy’s Search Restaurant that I know somewhere in Wangsa Maju. I then asked my bro to turned around n go there.

We managed to find the restaurant – Cheng Ho Restaurant. I like the interior of the place. It was so cool n cosy. BUT.. somehow one UNEXPECTED incident happened. If u have read about the case of hot tomyam soup spilled by his worker on 4years old kid – my case was even worse. It happened to me n my family this afternoon.

I will not reveal exactly what was actually happened. I have my reasons why which I will tell that later at the end of this story so called confession.

What made me pissed off was the ATTITUDE of the workers/waiters there. What was happened was a MAJOR THING n not supposed to happen. When asked n question to one of the waiter, he dared to challenge n answered us with a rude statement.

I said to him “You sepatutnya tak boleh kasi alasan mcm ni?” He said “Saya bukan kasi alasan, saya nak kasi penjelasan” WTF.. At that time I felt like to stand up n poke his eyes with the fork. How dare him to answer like that.

After 10minutes none of them had come to us to make an apology. Maybe after looking at me n my bros talking n making faces, one lady who I guess the supervisor came to my brother. She spoke softly (to avoid other customers hearing) n said the replacement of the food will be bit delay maybe in 5 minutes.

I then interrupted her n asked; do u know what was going on? She nodded said Yes. I said till now none of u say SORRY to us n your waiter just now was being so rude to us. He answered us with stupid remarks as if what was happened like takde apa apa.

She then quickly apologized to us non-stop while patted my brother's back. To me.. it was definitely too late. Now I understand why the parents of the 4years kid, Nik Muhamad Zakwan Nik Zahir filed a civil suit against Amy the owner of the restaurant for the act of negligence on their son Nik Muhammad Zakwan. They had initially sent a letter of demand to Amy asking for RM300,000 in compensation.

I guess what motivate them to take action on this matter was because of the attitude of the staff. After spilled the hot soup, the staff didn’t even bother to help them. They have to rush to the nearby clinic for first aid before taking the son to the hospital. And of course the term of APOLOGIZE or SORRY didn’t come from any of them.

Hah.. 300k! If I were to proceed with the saman menyaman.. I will surely be asking around that too! Why I didn’t reveal of what was actually happened is not that I am afraid, lying or making up stories. I have a soft spot towards AMY SEARCH. I am a big fan of him. I had his poster sticking on the wall all over my door’s room even scrap book when I was 15years old. Even till now I still like him (of course tak fanatik as dulu..hehehhe)

I wish he was at the restaurant just now so that I can give him a few words regarding his staff. To AMY SEARCH the OWNER of the RESTORAN CHENG HO, here my say..
  1. The one that gonna spoil your name n the reputation of your business are your workers there. Muka semua mcm kena paksa kerja. No warm welcome, tak senyum n service lousy. They are not Bangla or Indon. They are all orang kita.. Ask your staff to eat at any kedai mamak n learn how to be nice to customer from those Bangla.

  2. Tell your staff to learn to admit any mistakes done. Don’t be careless, rude n remember we the customer who pay u n your staffs salary!

Maybe Amy Search tak baca lah blog I ni, tapi kalau ada sedara or kawan2 or whoever read please pass this message to him!


Mum and Roses said...

Amy Search is responsible for any wrong happened in his restaurant. he didn't provide training or guidelines to his workers. He's the one to sue as the restaurant owner!For me it's negligence on his part! In this case forget him as the singer coz he's the restaurant owner.

Anonymous said...

I did respect Amy Search with his high profile of entertainer but he still has to take responsibility of what happened..tau la dia takde experience on this biz but it hapepened for 2nd time(HOPEFULLY!!).Kalau la kita saman dia...Makcik KAYO!!!! Bole beli oven 2 tingkat....hehehehehehhe

rohimi said...

Alahai Kak Intan....Oja gi dulu pun layan macam kita tak mampu nak bayar kalo order makanan dia tu..sorry to say that was my first n last time there...The food taste aje....

Anonymous said...

wohoo..1st time baca komen yg agak panass...i;m surveying that restaurant thru to think byk kali b4 go there kot?

Peri PiA said...

salam kenal,owh it happen again?too bad.
kadang2 xfhm kenapa org kite bersikap mcm tu kan?

Anonymous said...

hmm...i want to give a stern warning to amy search. im a thinker, an academician, a realist, an above all, a muslim. have gone for ur hajj..that wud be a waste if whatever you indulge or venture in does not reflect the muslim you are. be careful those of u who likes to eat out. when u marah or komplen to the workers, they might spit in ur food n serve it to u without u knowing.
About amy search ... what is the big idea about your performance during AJL? why is the presentation governed by the symbols pf the illuminati and freemasons ? are you serving the illuminati? have you made a secret pact with them in return for ultimate wealth and glory? an informed muslim , not an ignorant one.

Anonymous said...

by only reading this blog of yours we dont really know the actual incident or what created the spark between the waiter and you.
it can be argued that maybe you first that started acting rudely or harshly to the waiters.
on the other hand the managment of the retraunt should be more particular about their workers and they are not suppose to treat the customers badly as customers al always right.
this blog is for people to read and to judge on their own perspective.

Vogue Mom said...

I've been reading all the comments since i posted the story. I didn't want to say anything till now. I was not happy with the attitude of the restaurant's workers was not because I had fight with them or created any argument. I found something in the food - should i say an 'alien'? something/creature that was not suppose to be in your food. I was still calm n boleh tutup sebelah mata about that. What I couldn't accept the way they reacted after the incident. They acted like nothing happened. The staffs are the image of the restaurant. If they didn't carry themselves properly that it is a lost to the restaurant. Amy should look seriously into this matter - about his staffs.