Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Hakeem the Story Teller

Today is the day. The day that Hakeem was looking forward to n even I also couldn’t wait for today. Since last seven days, every morning Hakeem will wake up n asked “Is it today mommy? My Turnip show?

Hakeem has been selected to be the speaker n story teller for his class show. And for this, he got to wear a smart outfit – to emphasize how important his role is! I bought for him a black pants, white shirt with vest & bow tie.

The moment he walked on to the stage with his partner Issabel, I felt like to jump up n shout – hey that’s my son! He looked so handsome n confident. He was looking for me n after saw me he gave a big smile. He then started holding the microphone n talked n talked.

Hakeem’s class teacher, Miss Andrea told me she asked Hakeem what does he feels wearing this smart costume. Hakeem answered that he felt so good n smart. He even told her “I feel like I am getting married wearing this costume” Hahahahaha.. I wonder where he got this idea – cheeky Hakeem! Her teacher said “Well Hakeem, you have to wait for another few years before you can get married

This is the first time the Early Years class performing their show. It was an excellent show from all the children. I just can’t stop smiling seeing him on the stage. I am so proud of him. Well done Hakeem.

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