Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Swimming Gala

Today is a swimming gala for Nabila n Hakeem school. The event started at 9.30am. It started with Hakeem’s class. Hakeem is not actually into swimming. He is always scared of water n complaint of cold. He will normally take longer time to warm up in the pool. Once he is already got ‘connected’ to the water then he will not stop!

As in his event today, he was not really participated. I could see that he would just sat n soak his feet into the pool. The instructor has to talked n reassured him. He at last reluctantly went into the pool. What he enjoyed most was the splashing water game!

While for Nabila, swimming is her favourite. She even takes swimming lesson in the CCA for this term. For today’s event she took part in sea horse n rings game. She got second place for the events.

Well done to Nabila & Hakeem. The weather was getting hotter towards the afternoon. Lucky my children’s event finished before 12noon. I took them back home after that.

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