Friday, 27 March 2009

Child Led Parent Conferences

Nabila & Hakeem school is holding a Child Led Parent Conferences (CLPC). I’ve chosen the time for them in the afternoon. It started with Nabila n followed by Hakeem.

The session is actually to show parents what the children are doing at school. The presentation n explanation all was done by the child. During Nabila’s session she first showed me the laptop that she use everyday. She did all her numeracy, literacy n IPC in her dedicated own server.

Nabila who loves to writes stories showed me her long pages of essays of what happened every weekend. I was so impressed over her long detailed stories. She then showed n explained me further about all her works done in the class.

Later on I moved to Hakeem’s class. Hakeem has made such a tremendous progress. He is now able to read the low/medium frequency words. He was so proud showing me around his works n achievements of his works. I was really worried about him for not being able to read yet.

It is actually my fault for comparing him over Nabila which I am not supposed to do that. According to his class teacher, Hakeem has achieved the level of reading at his level n I am not to worry. Hakeem is so good n has lots of interest in mathematics.

And the good thing is he is less being chatterbox during the lesson. He gave more focus towards what the teacher was teaching in front. Hakeem is well known in the class as a ‘chatterbox’. His teacher always tells me that he always got things to tell.

Kak long.. Hakeem even told his teacher “My big sister ran to Australia” His teacher has to confirm with me whether it was true.. hehhehehe.. Well done to Hakeem & Nabila for their good performance in school.

p/s: Thanks to Noorul for letting me lepak at your house. My mistake for not reading the newsletter properly that I came very early in the morning.


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AshleyZul said...

uh bile da jaoh ni, i rly feel glad to know that my siblings still remember me.and love me.perhaps miss me. hihi

love u hakeem!