Friday, 6 March 2009

The Mom of the Year Award

I have been honored this prestigious The Mom of the Year award by my sister in-law Mum and Roses. Thanks sis. I am truly honored.

1. Admit one thing you feel awful about (involving being a mom).

I feel bad n awful when I have said something which I am not supposed to say to my children. This always encountered during the time when I got angry with them. If it happens to the two little ones, I feel so sorry n guilty seeing their face. If it happens to the big ones, I totally regret n wish that I could make it up.

2. List 7 things you love about your kids, you love doing with your kids, or that your kids love about you.

i) I love all my children equally. Each of them has their own special character. I love to see when they smile, laugh, play and everything in them.

ii) I love to kiss them when they wake up from sleep. Their sleepy n smelly face.

iii) I love to cook n be in the kitchen with my children who busying helping me n ask ‘what’s next mommy?’ ‘can I break the egg?’ ‘can I help u to stir this?’.

iv) I love the eagerness of them getting attention from me to hear their talking n babbling especially when something major happens! Like each of them will try to find somebody’s wrong doing n quickly running to report to me!

v) I always like to ask ‘do u love mommy?’ n they will definitely answer YES. ‘who do u love more? Mommy or ayah?’ they will say both coz if I love u more, ayah will be sad n if I say I love ayah more, you will be sad. So we love both of u very much.

vi) I love when they say ‘mommy, u look so pretty’ and mommy.. do u know that u are the best cook in the world’

vii) I love n enjoying every holiday n moments spent with all my six children. I hope when they grown up they will appreciate n remember the special kind of family that we have.
3. Send this to 5 other moms of the year that deserve a reminder that they too are the best moms that they can be. Remember to send them a note letting them know
This special award goes to all moms listed below who I feel they truly deserve it.

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rohimi said...

Thanks my dear sis...btw, I'm coming this summer for good Yippie..boleh gossiping dgn K Intan...