Sunday, 22 March 2009

Chef Wanna Be

Every time when I chat with hubby over the phone or YM a must question for him was – “Masak apa hari ni?” Then he will be telling me – kari ayam, mee sup, nasi goreng and sometimes he complaint he didn’t know n had no idea what to cook.

Kitchen is not really my hubby’s territory. All these while he didn’t really bother to get involve in cooking but always helpful to give me a hand when I needed help in preparing meals. The first time when he went abroad alone, I packed lots of food stuff for him. All kind of rempah, perencah, maggie mee n even kicap.

He at first reluctant n said that there was no need to bring all these - the i-can-survive-hubby statement. Huh.. MAN.. what do they know. After couple of weeks, he told me how glad he was that I packed all those stuffs. I even forced him to buy lots (more than 20 packs) sorts of bread every time sent him at the airport.

After a year being alone hubby has now being able to cook chicken curry, soup n fried rice. He even bragged that his curry was getting even better which he still yet to cook for me! Beside curry that he learned D.I.Y he is actually good in cooking this one special meal. The special meal that he always loves to prepare when his children are around.

During his last visit, Faizah requested him to cook this special meal for her. Apa lagi… dgn besar hati dan kecuhnya lah hubby masak.. It’s “terung cemburu di hati” as he named the dish which actually a black pepper brinjal. This I have to give credit coz mmg sedap.. Tapi kekadang jual mahal nak masak kat kita orang..

Hubby said some man was born to be an expert in cooking which he doesn’t. Being alone n learned to cook actually made him appreciate more of my cooking.. Every time when I cook or eat what he likes it sometimes made me a bit guilty that he was not around. Especially at his staying place now, halal food are so difficult to get plus if any it does not meet his taste bud.

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AshleyZul said...

kepalaku yg cacat..
i miss dad's terung cemburu di hati!!!!!!!!!