Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Girls Out

This morning I had a coffee morning with all mom’s from Hakeem’s class. This is just to get together session while discussing with some issues regarding our children. I actually seldom get involve with the activities at school. I would love to do so but because of the timing n the distance from my house to school that always pull me back.

I will choose the suitable timing either very early in the morning or nearly end of school. Anyway this morning session was good as some of the pending issues have been settled. After that I met my cousin who was having training at Pusat Putra Bangi.

I fetched her there. This place is really a nostalgic place for me. This was the place that I always come every day/week from the time I was single till dah beranak pinak. I used to give the IT training for the CIMB personnel. I got to know that most of the people I know are no longer there.

Later on we had lunch at the Alamanda. It has been so long that I didn’t go out with her. So that is surely lots of things n gossips to catch up. I guess I have to meet my girlfriends often as it is good for my hormone system!

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