Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Saja Nak Cerita..

This happened a few weeks ago. I was at my children’s school (in the toilet) n being approached by one lady. She was looking at me n asked “Are u Malaysian?” I said “Yes”. She then asked “If u are Malaysian why did u send your children here?”

I then looked at her curiously n said “I am sorry but why did u ask me that?” while quietly said to myself – what kind of question is that n who the hell she think she is. By the way she looked n talked, she is definitely Malaysian Indian but I wonder if she is one of the parents or probably a maid.

She then said again “Well if u are Malaysian how come u send your children to the International School?” I guess this lady was definitely in a high spirit of prying. I told her “Well.. we just came back from abroad n my children need to continue their education in the International School.” I hope that satisfied her.

She answered “Ooh… my husband is a business man. He travels overseas a lot so that’s why we feel we need to send our child here. In case we have to transfer overseas” I answered “Oh.. ok” with an uninteresting tone.. So what? Da…

She continued again “It happened before to my daughter who is now in India taking medical, when we moved to overseas she couldn’t go to the International School there coz they won’t accept our school here”

And this made my head turned looked at her n said “I wonder why? I am sure there is no problem for International school out there to accept our school here. By the way which International School that u are referring to?

She said “Well any British and American school.” I asked then “Which country that didn’t accept your child?” She said “Well.. like AustraliaWah.. taknak kalah gak makcik ni.

I then said “I never encounter any problem n I believe others too. My child was from Sek Rendah in Miri. They welcomed her very well. But of course she needed to go for interview n test but she got it thru. So I dont understand why u have this kind of problem

Still not satisfied, she kept explaining the same story over n over again. To make it short I asked is she new here coz I never seen her before. She said Yes (enrolled this term) n has a son in Year 1. Oh.. I said how come I never know coz my daughter is in Year 1 too. “What is your child name?” I asked.

She mentioned the name n said “He is totally different from me. He takes his father look n skin color” Wow.. now I am curious to see how does the boy looks like.

Well.. sorry if I were to be direct here. If her mom is like kopi O, her son is like kopi susu with a less milk of course! Everyday if I were to bump into her, I will surely remember our conversation.

I always see her alone among others. Even with kaum yang sewaktu dengannya also not bother to talk to her. I wonder why…

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