Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Wish List

My wish list? I got lots n lots.. I guess same goes to others. Recently one of my wish list has been granted. I have been dreamt n wanted to have ‘this’ for so long. And when I received it, I am totally excited n happy.

I didn’t have a chance to unpack n use it until 3 days after I received it. Oh.. only God knows how I felt at the moment I unpacked it, touched, caressed n looked at it. I was like.. speechless. Thanks to dearest hubby for this special gift.

I’ve showed once my wish list to my cousin n she was surprised to see all of them are house appliances. Believe it or not that are what I wish n want. Not that I don’t desire or fancy for diamonds n bling bling jewellery. Or even designer handbags.. I would love to have those but still the house appliances are on the top of my list.

I’ve started using my new device n I just love it. I just can’t stop telling myself that how brilliant this thing work n the output was superb. At the particular moment I am like so teruja n ciwi with my new gadget.

Note: For some reasons I can’t reveal what’s the gadget is. By the way nothing fancy. It’s just me who maybe just being so thrilled n excited. I am indeed thrilled!!! :) hahahahaha

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