Sunday, 31 May 2009


Today is the WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY (Hari Tanpa Tembakau Sedunia). The World Health Organization (WHO) selects "Tobacco Health Warnings" as the theme for this year 2009.

Well.. I am not going to write here about the harmful effects of tobacco use or smoking. It’s proven n known by every single person that smoking is bad for health. I will not elaborate further.

I hereby ask, beg and plead to my dearest hubby to please stop smoking. He promised me 7 years ago to quit smoking but till now he didn’t. I can tell that hubby is quite a heavy smoker. He was before but according to him now he has smoked less.

Well.. that’s what he thinks n feel but he didn’t realize that I counted n took notice every single cigarette n timing between one cigarette to others.

I know he can stop if he wants. I know he can do it if he wants. Probably he don’t like what I am saying this. Probably he will jump n feel annoyed. Probably he will just read n smile.

But whatever it is, I just want him to know that I care n love him. And that’s why I & all his children want him to quit smoking.

The same goes to my brothers, brothers in-law, friends out there. Please KATA TAKNAK PADA ROKOK. Ingat orang tersayang…

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Get Together

Today we had hi-tea at home. We invited the same usual crowd. Every time when hubby is home for holiday, we would allocate time for this small gathering. Nothing fancy but just get together session catching up updated news n activities.

I cooked simple light meal with varieties of sweet treats.

Thursday, 28 May 2009


Oh dear.. it has been so long that I have not updated my blog. I’ve been quite busy lately. After my Aunty went back to Kedah on Sunday morning, hubby had safely arrived on that night.

The whole Monday we were busy settling hubby’s matter. We made an overnight trip to Malacca on Tuesday. My mother in-law cooked special favourite meal for hubby – asam pedas ikan parang n masak lemak telur ikan. Then as usual hubby wouldn’t want to miss his mee sup tengkera

Last night we went to have dinner at one of the seafood restaurant in Shah Alam. We invited Nazri & Amil. Hmm…. Makan lagi!

We had quite tight schedules for all the weekends when hubby is around. Furthermore with kids coming exams n different school holidays. So we might not be able to plan for a long weekend holidays. Anyway the important is we are all together.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Eating Marathon

Makan.. makan… yeah.. today is like an eating marathon for me. Last night I baked lasagna just in case anybody wants to eat it as I already cooked dinner. Then around 10pm Nadira said that she was hungry n I asked her to eat the lasagna. She insisted me to accompany her which at the end I joined her n had 2 cut of lasagna!

Today my aunty came from Kedah. They packed me the favourite Nasi Royale. I was so excited looking at it n just couldn’t wait to eat. I had beef, squid, chicken n even boiled egg n lots lots of gravy. Huh… memang sedap dan tak terkata.

Later at night my aunty treated dinner at the Restoran Terapung Shah Alam. There were nine of us including my cousins. Though I was quite full but seeing the delicious foods laid on the table – without feeling guilty bantai gak makan..

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Lately the desire of stuffing myself just getting more n more desirable. Sometimes in the middle of the night I was craving of chocolate. The other day my throat felt like it needed fizzy drink.

Well.. don’t get it wrong.. Ni bukan mengidam.. :) but I guess it’s just me. Some people said that I’ve lost weight n some people said I’ve put on weight. But I know myself.. I am now totally putting on weight!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Circus Show

This morning Nabila had a show at the school. Her class – Year 1 performed a show about circus which they are learning in this term. It’s about the circus during the Roman Empire time.

The show was very entertaining. The children did a wonderful job.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


This morning I received a phone call offered me an attractive package. It was from CELCOM. The caller who I don’t know how she got my number n name offered me of changing my current MAXIS number to CELCOM.

I listened to her babbling. Actually I sometimes like to listen to these people just to see how convincing they are in doing their job. Another reason I know how hard they have to make a phone call with muka tebal seposen which don’t know whether the recipient will answer or cut them off.

Anyway after listening for a few seconds the climax was she said – “Kalau Puan tukar no puan ni ke CELCOM kami akan beri puan handphone free” Wah… I immediately showed my interest. “Ye ke phone free? Phone apa” – dengan suara teruja dan gedik..

She said phone model Nokia 3210 or Sony Ericson which I forgot which model. But isn’t Nokia 3210 is the one zaman tok kaduk? Hmmm… I said ok.. Maybe she heard my excitement voice changed n she continued telling me other benefits that I’ll get. I told her that I will think about it n put down the phone.

My question, concern n wonder is where the hell that they got my phone number. I am sure they have their ways. This was not the first time. Previously was from TELEKOM. I thought I didn’t pay the bill but the caller offered me a streamyx package which I already had. Then there were also from banks offer me this & this.. kalau kasi duit ok lah..

There was also one time out of the blue, one holiday package company that I never heard offered me so called attractive package holiday. The strange part was I have to pay certain amount to her in order to have this package. I have to bank in the money then only she’ll meet me to hand over the package. Huh.. like I am going to believe that.

Well.. I am sure I will still be receiving these kinds of calls in future. It’s not that I am hot or popular.. hahahahaha… but everybody are trying their best to win the market. And so do I. I am looking forward for my new venture. Sssttt….

Monday, 18 May 2009

My Obsession

I don’t know whether it’s just me alone or probably I’m getting older or maybe the change of my hormone? I just have this new obsession that I hate to say. Seriously I never thought that I will like this new “hobby” as I never have any luck or connection with it.

I share the same interests, feelings, obsessions just like my mom, aunty, mother in-law n I guess all the makcik-makcik. My new interest now is that I love buying plants more n more for the house! When first moved in, our house just looked so bare from the outside. As months passed by n every time when I drove thru the porch I kept saying – this house needs ‘green’. It needs something alive to make it lively.

At the beginning I did not have guts to venture myself to do it. I waited for hubby to come back n chose the plants for the outdoor. I was so scared that I might choose something that will turned ugly which the truth is I have no idea what to choose! So we had our first two big green plants and three kind of brownish/reddish plants (these I chose) which at the end dead.

I was excited at that time. Well that was a first step. After a while I felt that we need more. So this time I went by myself choosing plants n bought big vases. I was proud of myself as the result the house looked so lively n grand. I re-plant n transferred the plants into the big vase with my own hand.

One might laugh but you can never understand the feelings of it – having muddy hands, the struggle n effort of doing it – huh.. just so unexplainable. Believe or not every morning I will just stand in front of the plants looking admiring it for so long. I will also make sure that I will have a look at it before I go to bed. Hahahahaha.. silly ah.. but I enjoy it.

After a week one of the plants that I bought unfortunately started loosing the leaves n looked it’s gonna die. I knew something was wrong – probably my theory or technique. I waited another week n that’s it – the end of my plant. I was so frustrated n upset.

Last weekend I went to Sg Buluh again to buy the new plant for replacement. I even bought a few more. And now my house looked even livelier. I pray this one will last long. I still continue the habit looking at the plant every morning & evening. I just can’t stop it.

Now I understand why my mom went crazy over plants/flowers n even drove all the way to Ipoh to buy pots/vases. She always screamed at me if I don’t water the plant. As for my mother in-law – last time she was so engrossed over orchids & roses.

And now it’s me. I have a small garden which I wish I have bigger. I am now planning to buy more plants. I plan to have at least one of fruit tree – rambutan or mango maybe. Then I would also like to bercucuk tanam ulam-ulam like bunga kantan, serai, daun pandan n more..

Hmmm… the ambitious me. I hope my hand ‘tak panas’ n have well relationship with all the plants. I just love n so engross with this new ‘hobby’.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Special Guests

Yesterday I have two special guests came over to my house – Fatini & Emir. They are my niece n nephew. Their mom had a company dinner n sent them over to my place. My sister in-law who at first reluctant to sent her kids – with thousands reasons, excuses at last sent them.

I told her not to worry, go ahead n enjoy the night. Bukan selalu nak dapat can macam ni! Anyway Emir n Fatini behaved very well. They are superb n I adore them. I always see the cranky n mischievous Emir when he’s with her mom but surprisedly Emir yesterday was the opposite one.

Nabila was being such a nice hostess entertaining Fatini & Emir. They were non stop playing from the evening till the night time. They played hide & seek, football, dancing, and singing. They took out the toys messing up and then played others. Once bored they cleaned up then came to see me that they were hungry. After that they continued again. They just never get tired.

I guess four of them were really enjoy themselves. Nabila & Hakeem seldom have friends or cousins came over to the house. Yesterday was like a party for them.

So to mommy Fatini & Emir – next time if you want to have a night out with hubby, you can always anytime drop them. I guess once in a while the kids wouldn’t mind at all.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

My Dad Rocks

Yeah.. my dad rocks & cool. That’s what Hakeem always say about his Ayah. I bought this t-shirt couple month back n Hakeem just wore it today.

When we wanted to get this t-shirt, there was also a t-shirt stated “My mom is the best”. first I asked him to buy that. In a way persuade him coz I will be proud seeing him wearing that.. hehehehhe..

But somehow Hakeem insisted that he wanted the one state “My dad rocks”. I asked him why u like this. He genuinely said “It’s because my dad is cool n rock. I love my dad” Ok.. ok..

So at the end I just bought for him this. I thought of getting both but because one t-shirt cost me RM49.40, so tak jadi lah..

So today he is the proud of his daddy.. He look so handsome n kept saying MY DAD ROCKS!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Birthday Wish For My Father

Today is my dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday Ayah. He is 66 years old today. I called him this morning n he sounded happy n cherish. He is having a kenduri tahlil & doa selamat this evening at home.

At his age my dad is consider a healthy man. He is still playing golf, jogging n exercise every morning. He even sometimes drives down to KL. Though he easily gets tired but I know he loves to travel around.

I love my father so much. I just want him to be happy always. I wish n pray that my dad will always be happy, panjang umur dan sentiasa dilindungi Allah S.W.T.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Mother's Day

Its mother’s day today! I woke up in the morning receiving first wish n kisses from my dearest son, Hakeem. He said “Happy mother’s day mommy. Happy princess beautiful mother’s day mommy” followed with lots of smooches n kisses all over my face.

Since last night my children were planning n telling me that they will have something surprise for me today. Ok.. I was excited. While eating breakfast Nabila came down n followed by Nadira wished n gave me cards.

Later on they chased me out from the kitchen n told me to go upstairs. I kept asking what they want to do which at the end they told me that they wanted to bake a cake. Oh.. no! please.. please.. don’t mess up my kitchen.

After couple of hours they came up with a tray of ‘chocolate walnut volcano cuppies’ for me. Wow.. it looked stunning. I don’t know that they could actually bake it. It runs in the blood though… ehem.. Anyway thank you so much n I love it. As for lunch, they treated me out n bought me presents.

Thank you so much to Nadira, Nabila n Hakeem. Thanks for the lovely presents. I also received wishes from Faizah early in the morning. Thanks dear for the very thoughtful words. All of these mean so much to me.

I am so proud of my children – my lovely beautiful handsomely smart children. All of you are the inspiration of my life – the sunshine of my days.

When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child. ~ Sophia Loren

Friday, 8 May 2009

If I Can Have One Wish...

This morning while driving back home I listened to the radio that Farah Fauzana mom has been invited to the radio station. Most of the radio stations had been talking about the mother’s day – the wish, gift, where to celebrate, etc.

Farah Fauzana’s mom requested her to sing her favourite song Oh Ibu. She sang with Faizal Ismail playing guitar. I was really into it. It was not her voice which she herself admitted tak sedap but the lyrics n the sincerity especially singing in front of her mom.

Towards the end I heard her voice shaky which I could feel that she’s gonna cry. And at that particular time too, tears already swelling in my eyes. I just couldn’t help myself as I was thinking of my mom – arwah mama.

To make it worst after that the radio played the song Oh Ibu from Mamat Exist. I then just couldn’t stop my tears. I kept crying n crying so much. I just kept driving, crying with my mind scrolling pictures n memories of my mom.

I just miss my mom so much. I miss her voice, her cook, her nagging, her smell, her touch n lots whole of her. I wish she is still around. I never failed giving gifts to her every year during Mother’s Day. I miss these special days that I always celebrated with her. I miss all the things that we used to share.

If I were to be given ONE WISH – I wish that my mom is still alive. Or probably just give me a few hours to see her, look n talk n touch her. How I wish…

Oh ibu
Kau disiram bayu pagi
Kehilangan terasa kini
Dan kesepian

Dan aku
Bagai purnama gerhana
Diibarat lautan kering
Tiada tempat ku layarkan
Hasratku ini
Masih belum sempat
Ku buktikannya padamu
Ibu tersayang
Kucurahkan rasa hati

Ku tatapi potretmu berulang kali
Ku renungkan kalimah yang diberi

Tuhan yang Esa
Ampuni dosa ibu
Tempatkan mereka
Di antara kekasih kekasih-Mu

Oh ibu
Kau kasih sejati
Ku taburkan doa
Untukmu ibu

Ampunilah dosaku
Sejak ku dilahirkan
Hingga akhir hayatmu

Di saat ini
Ku teruskan hidup
Tanpa bersamamu ibu

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Special Child

This morning I had a breakfast with my friend who is one of the moms at my children’s school. As usual one of the topics will always be about our children. She has a child who is having a speech delay. Her son is now 6 years old.

She discovered that her son couldn’t speak n very quiet when he was 4years old. She went to seek for help, treatment n whatever u call it. She told me that she was quite frustrated to discover that her son having this speech delay compare to all other 3 siblings who are very normal. But she never gave up.

Her son is not the only one who’s having speech delay in the school. I’ve known n met many others as well. To me, these children are so special. When you look at them you can never tell as they play with others kids, run n chase each other.

Language is the core of the whole thing. In the International school you only speak one language – English. Like my friend’s situation, her son having a difficulty to catch n understand words that we speak. So to avoid confusion n frustration to the child she only speaks English. Her son can talk but at the level of 4years old child. If he got something in his mind he will burst it out with a high pitch voice n fast that sometimes the mother couldn’t understand.

On the other hand, her son is so good in playing X-Box games n LEGO. He is so creative in building n designing things using LEGO. This is actually known n proven in the history these child have a creative mind n this why make them so special.

In the school her son learns n mix with children who have different kind of levels n abilities. In order to have less disruption in the class the child needs a ‘shadow teacher’. According to her it is so difficult to get one at this time beside the shadow teacher fees that she has to pay is so expensive which between RM2,500-RM3000 per month. On top of that the son is still on going therapy, attending speech class n whatever related to that which the cost is not cheap.

I told my friend that her son is gifted n special n she can never give up. I have a nephew. He is now 13years old. His mom (my sister inlaw) who I salute so much worked so hard n never gave up though what the doctors n people said about her son. She went to all sort kind of treatment.

Allah listened to her prayer. Her son now is the proud of the family. He is the top student/scorer in every examination. He scored straight A in UPSR n now is in the boarding school. He is now a very very talkative boy which sometimes annoyed us for having to listen to his talks.. hehehhe.. but I can’t deny that he is a genius boy.

I am just sharing this story with all of you as I am also a mother. Every mother wants the best for their child no matter what. We heard n seen many incidents no matter how bad the child turned to be – pencuri, penagih dadah or mat rempit but the mother will never ever reject or turn them down.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Manners Bear

Today when I fetched Hakeem from the class, he came running proudly showed to me that he got to bring the MANNERS BEAR home. He said “Mommy.. look I got the manners bear. I got it!

In the car he told me “Mommy.. I’ve been waiting for so long to get this manners bear. Everyday when Ms Andrea gave it to someone else I always asked, when is my turn?”

Proudly I asked him “So did you know why you have being chosen to bring home the manners bear?”

Hakeem said “I work very hard. I only made a soft squishy noise but then I quickly said sorry.That’s why I got the manners bear

This manners bear is such a big deal for Hakeem. He is so happy n I am proud n happy for him too.


This week I plan to go to the gym which is today actually. This morning I packed all my stuff n kept reminding myself to take the cheque book as I’ve already due for the membership payment. On the way to my children’s school I remembered I forgot to take the cheque book. Argghhhh…

Then thru out the journey I had been contemplating with myself – should I go or should I not go? I don’t have enough cash in my purse. I’ve been thinking about going to ATM but then all the ATM machine are way out from the gym centre. Actually there are nearby but thinking of have to park the car and with the congested traffic – I said NO.

If I were to walk in to the gym, I don’t think they will chase me out. I can always explain to them BUT the other side of my brains (the wicked one) said – what if they don’t allow me to come in? malu sih…

This IF possibility just kept going on and on which at the end driven myself to turned my wheel towards back home. When I almost reached home, I made a promise sort of vow.. I will start tomorrow and I will definitely go. Then after 100m I heard myself said – maybe I can start next Monday. Tomorrow n the day after tomorrow I will continue my puasa ganti.

OMG.. I just need a spirit to motivate myself to start doing exercise. This is a problem when I’ve took a break for sooo looongggg. Excuse, excuse n more excuses…

Monday, 4 May 2009

Saya Yang Berhemah

I got ‘love letter’ from MBPJ on the 15th April Last year. At first I just ignored it as many advised as long as it didn’t involve police then u’ll be fine. So I just put aside the notice. After a few months I got the 1st reminder to pay the RM100 fine.

Hmm.. again.. I told myself.. maybe if I have time I will drop by n pay the fine. Then after a few months came another 2nd reminder. Rajin sungguh mereka… At that point, I really felt that I should pay. But again.. busy.. busy.. n with a thought that I have to drive to PJ to find the office – it set me back.

On mid March I received the last reminder letter. In the letter it stated that I was given 14 days from the letter’s date to pay the fine. A few days back when I sorted out n organized my file I found the notice.

So today di atas rasa keinsafan, kesedaran dan kecuakan.. takut nanti sampai surat mahkamah pulak, I decided to pay. I chose to pay using the drive-thru konon2 nak avoid hassle lah. When reached at the counter I handed out the notice n RM100. Then the lady said – “taknak merayu ke? Ni bole dapat kurang ni? I said “banyak ke dapat kurang” She said “Tak tau lah.. tapi pergi lah rayu, sayang duit. Pergi kaunter bangunan bawah tu

Hmm.. ok I said. I parked my car aside n walked down to the building. I have no idea at all how the process will look likes. In my mind I was foresee myself begging n merayu domba to the officer to reduce the fine.

I went to the ticket counter informed about the fine n wanted to have reduction. She gave the number asked me to sit n wait. I’ve never been here before. There were many counters opened n the process at each counter was quite fast.

5016 – my number appeared on the screen. I went to the counter n handed out the notice. The officer didn’t even ask or look at me though I made muka seposen. I saw she keyed in my kompaun number n I was still waiting in case she wanted to ask – nak kurang ke? berapa nak ? macam polis2 yg selalu tahan bila kena speed trap.

She stamped n signed at the bottom of the notice n handed it back to me. I looked at it n waaalllaaa… it has been reduced to RM30! Huh.. this saved lots of my money. She asked me to wait again for my number to be called n pay at the different counter.

Hmm… thank u so much to makcik yg kat drive thru who suggested me to ask for the reduction. Well.. for MBPJ – you are so generous to give me a huge reduction which also as generous to saman menyaman me too… masih tak puas hati pasal kena saman parking kereta depan rumah org – no yellow line n the rumah is in the housing area.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

My Long Weekend

This long weekend I just spent time with my children. It’s good to have a long weekend since I just came back from holiday. On Friday morning my dad came to have breakfast before went back to Kedah. Then in the afternoon my bro Amil came for lunch since he was around the neighbourhood. Hakeem n Nabila were very happy to have Dinie n Lyana around. They were non-stop playing.

On Saturday afternoon I brought the kids to the cinema. I was expecting to watch movie like cartoon or animation but none available. I read thru all the movies synopsis n chose Paul Blart:Mall Cop. This was really a hilarious comedy story. We were laughing non stop from the beginning till the end. The kids were really enjoyed the show. I gave 5 star to this movie n would recommend everybody to watch it. You won’t regret!

When I woke up today Sunday, I am in the spirit of going out buying something to decorate my house. I always wanted to do this but always was cut off by other agenda. So today after finished cooking lunch, I dragged Nadira to come along with me. I headed to SSF Sungai Buluh. The last time I was there probably 8 years ago.

I was very excited once walked in to the shop. Rambang mata semua nak beli. At the end I just bought a few items as not many of the things there that caught my attention. On the way back home I passed by along many nurseries by the road side. I stopped at one that sells vase – big huge vase. I just couldn’t resist myself when looked at those beautiful vases. I bought two tall vases yg dah lama kuidamkan

I drove further a bit n stopped to buy plants to put into those vases. I & my maid bertungkus lumut sampai sakit pinggang transfered the plants into the vases. The first vase I put on the grass to avoid the floor to get dirty with soil. Each vase needed about 15packs of soil. So just imagine once the plant was in, we had to move the vase to the place where it suppose to be. This was the hardest part. At first the vase was not moving at all no matter how we pulled n pushed it.

I almost fell down.. hahahhaha. Then we tried another strategy n finally got to move it. Now both vases are done. I am so happy to look at it. It is so beautiful. I am so ciwi, teruja n ciwi…..

Friday, 1 May 2009

OIAM vs Akademi Fantasia

I’ve just finished watching the grand finale OIAM n YES.. Tomok won. Well it’s not that I am a big fan of him. Never like him though. I even missed a few weeks of their performance but I always read good comments from reporters, media n fans about Tomok.

The show tonight was like so so.. Even the guest artist – Bunkface failed with the performance. It seems that their beat was faster than the singing. They were like tercungap-cungap catching up.

Frankly all the three of them – Aweera, Esther & Tomok don’t really have a good excellent voice. Kira biasa biasa je lah.. but among of them Tomok was the most outstanding one. Every time he sings his fans will scream n scream. The judges also were enjoying his performance n gave good remarks.

So tonight Tomok jadi jutawan segera. From the mat leleh sengau-sengau he proved to Malaysian that he is worth to be one in a million. He deserve it..

Tomok’s sister – Isma is also now in the top rank of Akademi Fantasia. She’s a pretty proud mother of five children. What turned me off is because she looks like Siti n also sings like her. Alahai… I think we have enough of one Siti Nurhaliza.

Aril – my favourite was out last week. Aduh… mcm tak percaya je. He was getting better n better. He got the look of superstar – cute, comel, poyo n poyo.. but I like him! During the OIAM break I changed the channel to see Diari Akademi n heard Sarimah said something about AF Masuk. Wah.. best ni. Interesting.

People may say Akademi Fantasia is getting bored, no idea or no talent but I don’t care. I just watch it to occupy my Saturday night. Kekadang tu mcm over ah kusyuk but sometimes I just dozed off on the couch.

Well.. at least when people talk about this.. I know what’s going on. Even my mother in-law pun nengok tau.. So every time balik kampung this will be one of our hot topic! Hahahaha..

By the way what’s written here is just my personal say ab
out this reality program. I am not representing any media or anybody or get paid by doing this. I probably one of those yang menyokong industri tempatan.