Saturday, 16 May 2009

My Dad Rocks

Yeah.. my dad rocks & cool. That’s what Hakeem always say about his Ayah. I bought this t-shirt couple month back n Hakeem just wore it today.

When we wanted to get this t-shirt, there was also a t-shirt stated “My mom is the best”. first I asked him to buy that. In a way persuade him coz I will be proud seeing him wearing that.. hehehehhe..

But somehow Hakeem insisted that he wanted the one state “My dad rocks”. I asked him why u like this. He genuinely said “It’s because my dad is cool n rock. I love my dad” Ok.. ok..

So at the end I just bought for him this. I thought of getting both but because one t-shirt cost me RM49.40, so tak jadi lah..

So today he is the proud of his daddy.. He look so handsome n kept saying MY DAD ROCKS!

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