Thursday, 7 May 2009

Special Child

This morning I had a breakfast with my friend who is one of the moms at my children’s school. As usual one of the topics will always be about our children. She has a child who is having a speech delay. Her son is now 6 years old.

She discovered that her son couldn’t speak n very quiet when he was 4years old. She went to seek for help, treatment n whatever u call it. She told me that she was quite frustrated to discover that her son having this speech delay compare to all other 3 siblings who are very normal. But she never gave up.

Her son is not the only one who’s having speech delay in the school. I’ve known n met many others as well. To me, these children are so special. When you look at them you can never tell as they play with others kids, run n chase each other.

Language is the core of the whole thing. In the International school you only speak one language – English. Like my friend’s situation, her son having a difficulty to catch n understand words that we speak. So to avoid confusion n frustration to the child she only speaks English. Her son can talk but at the level of 4years old child. If he got something in his mind he will burst it out with a high pitch voice n fast that sometimes the mother couldn’t understand.

On the other hand, her son is so good in playing X-Box games n LEGO. He is so creative in building n designing things using LEGO. This is actually known n proven in the history these child have a creative mind n this why make them so special.

In the school her son learns n mix with children who have different kind of levels n abilities. In order to have less disruption in the class the child needs a ‘shadow teacher’. According to her it is so difficult to get one at this time beside the shadow teacher fees that she has to pay is so expensive which between RM2,500-RM3000 per month. On top of that the son is still on going therapy, attending speech class n whatever related to that which the cost is not cheap.

I told my friend that her son is gifted n special n she can never give up. I have a nephew. He is now 13years old. His mom (my sister inlaw) who I salute so much worked so hard n never gave up though what the doctors n people said about her son. She went to all sort kind of treatment.

Allah listened to her prayer. Her son now is the proud of the family. He is the top student/scorer in every examination. He scored straight A in UPSR n now is in the boarding school. He is now a very very talkative boy which sometimes annoyed us for having to listen to his talks.. hehehhe.. but I can’t deny that he is a genius boy.

I am just sharing this story with all of you as I am also a mother. Every mother wants the best for their child no matter what. We heard n seen many incidents no matter how bad the child turned to be – pencuri, penagih dadah or mat rempit but the mother will never ever reject or turn them down.

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