Sunday, 3 May 2009

My Long Weekend

This long weekend I just spent time with my children. It’s good to have a long weekend since I just came back from holiday. On Friday morning my dad came to have breakfast before went back to Kedah. Then in the afternoon my bro Amil came for lunch since he was around the neighbourhood. Hakeem n Nabila were very happy to have Dinie n Lyana around. They were non-stop playing.

On Saturday afternoon I brought the kids to the cinema. I was expecting to watch movie like cartoon or animation but none available. I read thru all the movies synopsis n chose Paul Blart:Mall Cop. This was really a hilarious comedy story. We were laughing non stop from the beginning till the end. The kids were really enjoyed the show. I gave 5 star to this movie n would recommend everybody to watch it. You won’t regret!

When I woke up today Sunday, I am in the spirit of going out buying something to decorate my house. I always wanted to do this but always was cut off by other agenda. So today after finished cooking lunch, I dragged Nadira to come along with me. I headed to SSF Sungai Buluh. The last time I was there probably 8 years ago.

I was very excited once walked in to the shop. Rambang mata semua nak beli. At the end I just bought a few items as not many of the things there that caught my attention. On the way back home I passed by along many nurseries by the road side. I stopped at one that sells vase – big huge vase. I just couldn’t resist myself when looked at those beautiful vases. I bought two tall vases yg dah lama kuidamkan

I drove further a bit n stopped to buy plants to put into those vases. I & my maid bertungkus lumut sampai sakit pinggang transfered the plants into the vases. The first vase I put on the grass to avoid the floor to get dirty with soil. Each vase needed about 15packs of soil. So just imagine once the plant was in, we had to move the vase to the place where it suppose to be. This was the hardest part. At first the vase was not moving at all no matter how we pulled n pushed it.

I almost fell down.. hahahhaha. Then we tried another strategy n finally got to move it. Now both vases are done. I am so happy to look at it. It is so beautiful. I am so ciwi, teruja n ciwi…..

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