Monday, 18 May 2009

My Obsession

I don’t know whether it’s just me alone or probably I’m getting older or maybe the change of my hormone? I just have this new obsession that I hate to say. Seriously I never thought that I will like this new “hobby” as I never have any luck or connection with it.

I share the same interests, feelings, obsessions just like my mom, aunty, mother in-law n I guess all the makcik-makcik. My new interest now is that I love buying plants more n more for the house! When first moved in, our house just looked so bare from the outside. As months passed by n every time when I drove thru the porch I kept saying – this house needs ‘green’. It needs something alive to make it lively.

At the beginning I did not have guts to venture myself to do it. I waited for hubby to come back n chose the plants for the outdoor. I was so scared that I might choose something that will turned ugly which the truth is I have no idea what to choose! So we had our first two big green plants and three kind of brownish/reddish plants (these I chose) which at the end dead.

I was excited at that time. Well that was a first step. After a while I felt that we need more. So this time I went by myself choosing plants n bought big vases. I was proud of myself as the result the house looked so lively n grand. I re-plant n transferred the plants into the big vase with my own hand.

One might laugh but you can never understand the feelings of it – having muddy hands, the struggle n effort of doing it – huh.. just so unexplainable. Believe or not every morning I will just stand in front of the plants looking admiring it for so long. I will also make sure that I will have a look at it before I go to bed. Hahahahaha.. silly ah.. but I enjoy it.

After a week one of the plants that I bought unfortunately started loosing the leaves n looked it’s gonna die. I knew something was wrong – probably my theory or technique. I waited another week n that’s it – the end of my plant. I was so frustrated n upset.

Last weekend I went to Sg Buluh again to buy the new plant for replacement. I even bought a few more. And now my house looked even livelier. I pray this one will last long. I still continue the habit looking at the plant every morning & evening. I just can’t stop it.

Now I understand why my mom went crazy over plants/flowers n even drove all the way to Ipoh to buy pots/vases. She always screamed at me if I don’t water the plant. As for my mother in-law – last time she was so engrossed over orchids & roses.

And now it’s me. I have a small garden which I wish I have bigger. I am now planning to buy more plants. I plan to have at least one of fruit tree – rambutan or mango maybe. Then I would also like to bercucuk tanam ulam-ulam like bunga kantan, serai, daun pandan n more..

Hmmm… the ambitious me. I hope my hand ‘tak panas’ n have well relationship with all the plants. I just love n so engross with this new ‘hobby’.

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