Tuesday, 19 May 2009


This morning I received a phone call offered me an attractive package. It was from CELCOM. The caller who I don’t know how she got my number n name offered me of changing my current MAXIS number to CELCOM.

I listened to her babbling. Actually I sometimes like to listen to these people just to see how convincing they are in doing their job. Another reason I know how hard they have to make a phone call with muka tebal seposen which don’t know whether the recipient will answer or cut them off.

Anyway after listening for a few seconds the climax was she said – “Kalau Puan tukar no puan ni ke CELCOM kami akan beri puan handphone free” Wah… I immediately showed my interest. “Ye ke phone free? Phone apa” – dengan suara teruja dan gedik..

She said phone model Nokia 3210 or Sony Ericson which I forgot which model. But isn’t Nokia 3210 is the one zaman tok kaduk? Hmmm… I said ok.. Maybe she heard my excitement voice changed n she continued telling me other benefits that I’ll get. I told her that I will think about it n put down the phone.

My question, concern n wonder is where the hell that they got my phone number. I am sure they have their ways. This was not the first time. Previously was from TELEKOM. I thought I didn’t pay the bill but the caller offered me a streamyx package which I already had. Then there were also from banks offer me this & this.. kalau kasi duit ok lah..

There was also one time out of the blue, one holiday package company that I never heard offered me so called attractive package holiday. The strange part was I have to pay certain amount to her in order to have this package. I have to bank in the money then only she’ll meet me to hand over the package. Huh.. like I am going to believe that.

Well.. I am sure I will still be receiving these kinds of calls in future. It’s not that I am hot or popular.. hahahahaha… but everybody are trying their best to win the market. And so do I. I am looking forward for my new venture. Sssttt….

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