Thursday, 21 May 2009

Eating Marathon

Makan.. makan… yeah.. today is like an eating marathon for me. Last night I baked lasagna just in case anybody wants to eat it as I already cooked dinner. Then around 10pm Nadira said that she was hungry n I asked her to eat the lasagna. She insisted me to accompany her which at the end I joined her n had 2 cut of lasagna!

Today my aunty came from Kedah. They packed me the favourite Nasi Royale. I was so excited looking at it n just couldn’t wait to eat. I had beef, squid, chicken n even boiled egg n lots lots of gravy. Huh… memang sedap dan tak terkata.

Later at night my aunty treated dinner at the Restoran Terapung Shah Alam. There were nine of us including my cousins. Though I was quite full but seeing the delicious foods laid on the table – without feeling guilty bantai gak makan..

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Lately the desire of stuffing myself just getting more n more desirable. Sometimes in the middle of the night I was craving of chocolate. The other day my throat felt like it needed fizzy drink.

Well.. don’t get it wrong.. Ni bukan mengidam.. :) but I guess it’s just me. Some people said that I’ve lost weight n some people said I’ve put on weight. But I know myself.. I am now totally putting on weight!

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