Friday, 1 May 2009

OIAM vs Akademi Fantasia

I’ve just finished watching the grand finale OIAM n YES.. Tomok won. Well it’s not that I am a big fan of him. Never like him though. I even missed a few weeks of their performance but I always read good comments from reporters, media n fans about Tomok.

The show tonight was like so so.. Even the guest artist – Bunkface failed with the performance. It seems that their beat was faster than the singing. They were like tercungap-cungap catching up.

Frankly all the three of them – Aweera, Esther & Tomok don’t really have a good excellent voice. Kira biasa biasa je lah.. but among of them Tomok was the most outstanding one. Every time he sings his fans will scream n scream. The judges also were enjoying his performance n gave good remarks.

So tonight Tomok jadi jutawan segera. From the mat leleh sengau-sengau he proved to Malaysian that he is worth to be one in a million. He deserve it..

Tomok’s sister – Isma is also now in the top rank of Akademi Fantasia. She’s a pretty proud mother of five children. What turned me off is because she looks like Siti n also sings like her. Alahai… I think we have enough of one Siti Nurhaliza.

Aril – my favourite was out last week. Aduh… mcm tak percaya je. He was getting better n better. He got the look of superstar – cute, comel, poyo n poyo.. but I like him! During the OIAM break I changed the channel to see Diari Akademi n heard Sarimah said something about AF Masuk. Wah.. best ni. Interesting.

People may say Akademi Fantasia is getting bored, no idea or no talent but I don’t care. I just watch it to occupy my Saturday night. Kekadang tu mcm over ah kusyuk but sometimes I just dozed off on the couch.

Well.. at least when people talk about this.. I know what’s going on. Even my mother in-law pun nengok tau.. So every time balik kampung this will be one of our hot topic! Hahahaha..

By the way what’s written here is just my personal say ab
out this reality program. I am not representing any media or anybody or get paid by doing this. I probably one of those yang menyokong industri tempatan.


afiqah ahmad said...

hahaha! erhh kn tak puas hati ngn rambut tomok.! haha ya laa af seems dull without aril, and i blame marsha fr being extra gedik . dush sdudh..!

Nur Nabila said...

hey mummy you really think that Tomok can win? he did! great! i like when he and tomok won! anyway tomok and aweera thier face is so fair! i wonder why?

AshleyZul said...

okay, tomok was my first love. hahaha