Sunday, 17 May 2009

Special Guests

Yesterday I have two special guests came over to my house – Fatini & Emir. They are my niece n nephew. Their mom had a company dinner n sent them over to my place. My sister in-law who at first reluctant to sent her kids – with thousands reasons, excuses at last sent them.

I told her not to worry, go ahead n enjoy the night. Bukan selalu nak dapat can macam ni! Anyway Emir n Fatini behaved very well. They are superb n I adore them. I always see the cranky n mischievous Emir when he’s with her mom but surprisedly Emir yesterday was the opposite one.

Nabila was being such a nice hostess entertaining Fatini & Emir. They were non stop playing from the evening till the night time. They played hide & seek, football, dancing, and singing. They took out the toys messing up and then played others. Once bored they cleaned up then came to see me that they were hungry. After that they continued again. They just never get tired.

I guess four of them were really enjoy themselves. Nabila & Hakeem seldom have friends or cousins came over to the house. Yesterday was like a party for them.

So to mommy Fatini & Emir – next time if you want to have a night out with hubby, you can always anytime drop them. I guess once in a while the kids wouldn’t mind at all.


Mum and Roses said...

thank you so much for having the kids over. and thks to Nabilah and Hakeem as well. Look like they had a great time (without mommy)at Mak Lang's house. Turun dari kereta terus hilang. tak sangka pulak. Boleh la tumpangkan diarang sekali sekala ya...?

Vogue Mom said...

boleh.. no problem. I am sure the kids wont mind sekali sekala.. :)

Dad with Good Intentions said...

Thanks Intan, We need to have a sleep-in night for the kids once in awhile.... thats how they will be independent & closer! Ni ashik berkepit dgn mummy je...