Monday, 4 May 2009

Saya Yang Berhemah

I got ‘love letter’ from MBPJ on the 15th April Last year. At first I just ignored it as many advised as long as it didn’t involve police then u’ll be fine. So I just put aside the notice. After a few months I got the 1st reminder to pay the RM100 fine.

Hmm.. again.. I told myself.. maybe if I have time I will drop by n pay the fine. Then after a few months came another 2nd reminder. Rajin sungguh mereka… At that point, I really felt that I should pay. But again.. busy.. busy.. n with a thought that I have to drive to PJ to find the office – it set me back.

On mid March I received the last reminder letter. In the letter it stated that I was given 14 days from the letter’s date to pay the fine. A few days back when I sorted out n organized my file I found the notice.

So today di atas rasa keinsafan, kesedaran dan kecuakan.. takut nanti sampai surat mahkamah pulak, I decided to pay. I chose to pay using the drive-thru konon2 nak avoid hassle lah. When reached at the counter I handed out the notice n RM100. Then the lady said – “taknak merayu ke? Ni bole dapat kurang ni? I said “banyak ke dapat kurang” She said “Tak tau lah.. tapi pergi lah rayu, sayang duit. Pergi kaunter bangunan bawah tu

Hmm.. ok I said. I parked my car aside n walked down to the building. I have no idea at all how the process will look likes. In my mind I was foresee myself begging n merayu domba to the officer to reduce the fine.

I went to the ticket counter informed about the fine n wanted to have reduction. She gave the number asked me to sit n wait. I’ve never been here before. There were many counters opened n the process at each counter was quite fast.

5016 – my number appeared on the screen. I went to the counter n handed out the notice. The officer didn’t even ask or look at me though I made muka seposen. I saw she keyed in my kompaun number n I was still waiting in case she wanted to ask – nak kurang ke? berapa nak ? macam polis2 yg selalu tahan bila kena speed trap.

She stamped n signed at the bottom of the notice n handed it back to me. I looked at it n waaalllaaa… it has been reduced to RM30! Huh.. this saved lots of my money. She asked me to wait again for my number to be called n pay at the different counter.

Hmm… thank u so much to makcik yg kat drive thru who suggested me to ask for the reduction. Well.. for MBPJ – you are so generous to give me a huge reduction which also as generous to saman menyaman me too… masih tak puas hati pasal kena saman parking kereta depan rumah org – no yellow line n the rumah is in the housing area.

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AshleyZul said...

hahaa. wan pon camnila. rm10 je kadang2 kene bayar. ehhehehehehe