Thursday, 28 May 2009


Oh dear.. it has been so long that I have not updated my blog. I’ve been quite busy lately. After my Aunty went back to Kedah on Sunday morning, hubby had safely arrived on that night.

The whole Monday we were busy settling hubby’s matter. We made an overnight trip to Malacca on Tuesday. My mother in-law cooked special favourite meal for hubby – asam pedas ikan parang n masak lemak telur ikan. Then as usual hubby wouldn’t want to miss his mee sup tengkera

Last night we went to have dinner at one of the seafood restaurant in Shah Alam. We invited Nazri & Amil. Hmm…. Makan lagi!

We had quite tight schedules for all the weekends when hubby is around. Furthermore with kids coming exams n different school holidays. So we might not be able to plan for a long weekend holidays. Anyway the important is we are all together.

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AshleyZul said...

owww. my pakteh looked extraordinary here. maken semaarrrttt...hahaha