Sunday, 31 May 2009


Today is the WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY (Hari Tanpa Tembakau Sedunia). The World Health Organization (WHO) selects "Tobacco Health Warnings" as the theme for this year 2009.

Well.. I am not going to write here about the harmful effects of tobacco use or smoking. It’s proven n known by every single person that smoking is bad for health. I will not elaborate further.

I hereby ask, beg and plead to my dearest hubby to please stop smoking. He promised me 7 years ago to quit smoking but till now he didn’t. I can tell that hubby is quite a heavy smoker. He was before but according to him now he has smoked less.

Well.. that’s what he thinks n feel but he didn’t realize that I counted n took notice every single cigarette n timing between one cigarette to others.

I know he can stop if he wants. I know he can do it if he wants. Probably he don’t like what I am saying this. Probably he will jump n feel annoyed. Probably he will just read n smile.

But whatever it is, I just want him to know that I care n love him. And that’s why I & all his children want him to quit smoking.

The same goes to my brothers, brothers in-law, friends out there. Please KATA TAKNAK PADA ROKOK. Ingat orang tersayang…


AshleyZul said...

nak sgt ayah berhenti merokok. tp bile la tu.

mommy and daddy,i tried once,hahaha. i mean, it rly tasted like asap bontot bus. eerrr...

ayah, i love u. try to smoke less.

My corner said...

Kita serupa..wish all the rohimi lah nie..Ingat Org Tersayang..