Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Guest from Rusia

My hubby’s friend - Eugene from Russia came to Malaysia since Friday night. Hubby was busy this back few days entertaining n taking him around KL. I’ve met Eugene when I was in Kazakhstan. This is his first trip here n he loves Malaysia so much.

His first comment that our country is so green but hot. Well of course with the climate of his country which normally drops to negative celcius, over here he complaint that he felt like being enveloped with thick blanket. As what he said – free sauna!

Last Sunday we invited him for a dinner at home. I made fried rice with chicken curry. I also got him to taste keropok lekor n he liked it. Last night we brought him to Kg Bharu to taste the famous nasi lemak bungkus.

He ate n tried everything from rendang daging, sambal kerang , sambal sotong to otak-otak. This man just loves everything including our local fruit like rambutan, langsat. Except one thing he is not ready to eat durian yet! Mau muntah kalau try tu.. hehehhehe

Now he is in Langkawi enjoying the beautiful sun n beach over there.

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