Thursday, 25 June 2009

Best Friends

Last night I watched Bride Wars Movie. It’s about a childhood best friends. Very funny, entertaining n bit touchy for me. Well.. I am not going to talk about the movie actually. When the movie was over, I was thinking about myself. I asked myself, do I have any best friends.

Frankly n I felt so sorry that I couldn’t remember any of my friends from Primary School. But I have lots of buddy when I was in Secondary School. I have a friend name Fairuz. She is my best friend n sat beside me in the class. We have an opposite characters but somehow we managed to get along very well. Then I also have Hazidah, Abby, Faridah n not to forget Azura.

These were kawan2 masa gedik bersama.. hahahhaaha.. I was a tomboyish during my school days. Me & Hazidah actually. Among of all our friends, Abby is the most beautiful one – ye lah.. keturunan sharifah ni.. She always got lots of admirers n pet sisters. (I was in all girls’ school) So having admirers n pet sisters was something ‘in’ n big deal to us!

Then Faridah is also pretty as she is keturunan anak mami. So just left me & Hazidah who were always menumpang kepopularitian mereka.. We always hung up together in n after school. My house was always being our favourite spot. They all are so close with my parents especially my mom. After SPM we still see each other n this when I started learned to made myself girlish.. put on skirts n baju kurung.

I still remember during Raya that we went from one house to others. We actually cycled! Yes.. Our main transport at that time was a bicycle. So after SPM we made a theme to wear skirts, no pants for our raya outing. So there u saw us the girls with some short skirt, some long cycling bicycle from one house to others. Huh.. kira gempak n glemer ah waktu tu.. hahahhaha..

These were just parts of my best sweet memories with them. I miss all of them so much. I always meet Hazidah & Fairuz when I went back to Kedah. The last time I met Faridah after my mom passed away then Abby who I bumped in at Ikano a year ago. These are all bunch of my best friends that always be in my heart.

When I started further my studying I have Eja, Yat, Gee, Ana, Nik & Wahitha. But among them Eja & Yat were close to me. We shared, laughed, cried together. I am still in contact with Eja & Yat. Even when I started working, Eja was always my buddy. My shopping & ronggeng partner.. hehehehhe.

During my career time, I was close to Kak Ija. She’s like my own sister, a good hearted n kind person. As time flies I changed place of work, got married n finally quit job n follow hubby to Miri, Sarawak. There was the time that I was actually hardly meeting all my best friends.

At Miri I have lots of good friends. All of them are pangkat kakak2 or makcik2 n alhamdullilah I managed to suit myself with their 'atmosphere'. When I moved to Oman, with not many Malaysians there I have many good best friends. Friends during your school time are totally different when you are adult n old like me.

Now with the husband & children we are not just friends to the wife but also to their family. I have Rohaya, Oja, Lin, Zaireen, Ina, Kamsiah & Umi. All of them created beautiful memories in my life while I was there.

And now if u ask me do I have any best friend? Pathetically.. I just realized I don’t have any. I mean best girl friends. I still on & on call all my best friends but the distance made us so difficult to be together.

As for now, if I need a shopping partner – my daughters are always jumping for availability. Also beside that I have my cousins, Dhaniah & Piqah. Then if I need to just sit down have a cup of coffee n stuck in KL, I will call my buddy Ida. If I need to merapu n release my tense, I will call my cousin Kak Yan.

Otherwise I just bite my nails n longing for girl friends. Thinking about those old days. How wonderful life was at that time. And I miss all my girl friends.

My life is different now. Not that I am regret about it. But that’s the fact. Life goes on. On the other hand, I always have my hubby as my best friend n he will always be.

p/s: I wish I have more childhood pictures to put here but my albums all left back in Alor Setar.

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Auntie Roy said...

I miss you too, hopefully we will be friend forever. Those all memories when we were together will never make forget of you.