Friday, 19 June 2009

Melancholy Hakeem

For the last two days Hakeem was not in a good mood. In the morning he was whining didn’t want to go to school. When inside the car after talking to him he kept quite but when reached school he started again the whining, nagging not wanted to go into the class.

On Thursday he told me that he wanted to go back home. I stayed for awhile at school comforted him. At last reluctantly, rubbing eyes with tears he walked into the class. In the afternoon when fetched him I met the class teacher.

She asked me what's wrong with Hakeem as he’s normally happy n jovial. Hakeem was bit quiet n full with emotions. When the teacher asked he kept quiet n tears roll down on his cheek. I told the teacher that Hakeem probably was sad because his daddy has gone back to Kazakhstan.

Later at home I asked Hakeem why he was so sad. He said – “I love u Mommy.. I was so sad because I’ve been thinking about u. I was also thinking about Ayah. When Ayah is around, both of u together.” This really touched me. I know that he miss his daddy so much. Last night I got him n Nabila to talk on the phone to their daddy.

Today again in the morning was another heartbreaking scenario. Hakeem never wanted to let me go. He kept hugging n holding my thigh. I talked n calmed him but what I got was a loud cried from him. The teacher had to pull him from me n I walked off without looking back. I prayed n wished that he will be fine.

In the afternoon the teacher told me that Hakeem was even depressed compare to yesterday. She didn’t want to ask anything afraid it will stir his mood. At one time Hakeem just kneeled down covered his face n cried. Today they were making a father’s day card.

Hakeem was very quiet n just made the card with a tense looking face. Hakeem said my daddy has gone back to Kazakhstan. I know it’s Father’s Day this Sunday n my daddy is not at home. I felt sorry for my boy. I almost cried in front of his class teacher when hearing this.

As for now Hakeem is fine. He looked happy when I fetched him from school. I know this separation is hard for my children. It will take a few days for him to adjust without having his Ayah around. He is a tough boy with a sensitive heart.

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