Tuesday, 23 June 2009

H1N1 Flu Influenza

I read the latest news about the Influenza A (H1N1) flu n it really scares me. A few schools have been closed.

My friend who has two eldest daughters in Cempaka International School told me 3 days ago two students were found infected. The school only closed the effected class. She was so damn worried n didn’t send her daughters to school the day before.

Today she sent her daughters to school n in the afternoon she called me in panic that she has to take her daughters out from school. 10 students now have got infected. When she arrived at the school, the parents got to wait outside n not allowed to enter the school n there were also lots of media reporters around.

She, her two daughters n her driver have to go under house quarantine till next Monday. If there is no flu, fever that means they are safe. She has another two younger children which in Nursery & Year 1 same in my children’s classes. Both of their children will be taken care of by her mom. It means that she couldn’t see her two younger ones till weekend.

To make it worst, she is not allowed to be with her hubby (MAS Pilot) who just got back for a break. She almost breakdown when told me this. Our youngest one has a show tomorrow morning n she gonna miss this n ask me to take a video. I feel sorry for her. I pray that she n her daughters will be safe.

My friend is having flu since last week till now. When asked she said the doctor said it was just a normal flu. Now I am worried or better say paranoid. I was with her doing some helping at school since last Thursday. Minta simpang.. touch wood.. Mudahan dijauhi segala penyakit.

This morning I also called my SIL as my nephew is in SM Shah Alam. She told me that the infected closed class is in the morning session. My nephew is in the afternoon session. Most of the students are wearing masks for precautious.

My friend said the Ministry has ordered Cempaka school to be closed when discovered two students infected. I don’t know for some reasons they didn’t do it. Whatever it is.. I hope that schools, ministry n governments will take enough precautions n warns about this matter.

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